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More older workers get job training.

OTTAWA -- One out of every three adult workers, an estimated 4.8 million, participated in some type of formal job-related training in 2002, accessing opportunities to continue learning and to upgrade their skills.

The largest increase in participation occurred among older workers aged 55 to 64. The data shows that 23% of these older workers had taken formal job-related training in 2002, up from 15% in 1997.

New data from the Adult Education and Training Survey (AETS) show that 35% of workers aged 25 to 64 underwent some formal job-related training in 2002. This proportion was higher than the 29% of workers who reported they had taken formal training in 1997.

Participation rates rose within the ranks of both men and women, as well as across all age groups and all provinces.
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Date:May 17, 2004
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