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More models = more tool steel. (WIP).

Looking for some solid insights regarding tool steel? Odds are you may be, since according to the folks at Bohler-Uddeholm (it is based in Austria; its North American office is in Rolling Meadows, IL), which claims to be the world's leading manufacturer of tool steel (market share: 28% based on value), the auto industry is its single biggest market (34%, compared with 26% For consumer goods). Tool steel, of course, is used to make tools For various pressworking operations, such as cutting, punching, and Forming of metals (and plastics).

One driver, according to the company, for the increase in the amount of tool steel being consumed in the auto industry is the proliferation of different models. That is, rather than the number of vehicles produced, the people at Boehler-Uddeholm have found that as new models are rolled out, there is a concomitant number of tools needed to create the model-specific parts. With the auto industry going to more and more small-volume lines, there is plenty of-tool steel being consumed.

Should you be interested in taking a closer look at tool steel, you might be well advised to check out the company's website at
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