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More malicious attacks on the Threat Horizon warns ISF.

The Information Security Forum (ISF) is warning of an increase in malicious threats including attacks from organised crime and industrial espionage, along with a rise in mobile malware and Web 2.0 vulnerabilities. These are just some of the predictions that will heighten information security challenges over the next few years, highlighted in an ISF report entitled Threat Horizon 2010. The report draws on the knowledge and practical experiences of ISF Members, comprising some 300 of the world's largest business and public sector organisations.

The ISF is already seeing a shift from indiscriminate events to highly targeted and planned attacks by organised crime groups that are developing more sophisticated 'business' models for extorting the e-economy and money laundering. A combination of social engineering and technical attacks are increasingly being used to steal identities and information in order to commit fraud.

The ISF also warns of the proliferation of malware aimed at mobile devices, which do not have the same anti-virus or security controls as traditional networks and PCs. The growing trend of mobile and remote working will inevitably attract new forms of mobile malware designed, for example, to create fraudulent payments or denial of service attacks.

Another area of growing risk is the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo. In addition to providing another channel for the accidental leakage of corporate information, the ISF believes that cyber criminals will adapt new methods of attack to target the vulnerabilities of social networking sites. Virtual worlds such as Second Life may also present new risks if brand damage in the virtual world translates back into the real world.

Threat Horizon 2010 is one of over 200 authoritative reports along with information risk methodologies and benchmarking tools that are available free of charge to ISF Members. In addition, the latest ISF Standard of Good Practice for Information Security, which builds on the ISF's real-world research, is also available free to non-members at
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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