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Byline: EDITOR'S LETTER David Rees

Another, and arguably much greater, area of operation where the authorities are really letting the trade down is retail crime.

Last weekend Spar retailer Kevin Hunt tweeted a shocking level of inventory that had been found in the possession of shoplifters in his stores: up to PS50-worth of fresh meat, toiletries and detergents blatantly lifted from the shelves and obviously stolen to order and intended for resale rather than for personal use. Judging by the responses from retailers across the country this is obviously not a problem confined to Kevin's trading area of North Lancashire.

Criminals are becoming increasingly confident and empowered by a lack of police response to shoplifting, so it is clear we need more police hours dedicated to the problem - either through increased manpower or a realigned set of priorities.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Convenience Store
Date:Sep 6, 2019
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