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More fire stations for Windhoek.

The three locations chosen to construct fire stations within Windhoek were determined after a fire protection assessment was conducted. The areas include the site between Khomasdal and Otjimuise, Stadion Street in Olympia, as well as Stein street in Klein Windhoek.

"The assessment includes analysis of service calls, response times, and geographical patterns for responses, anticipated growth as well as operational issues. Based on this information, they identified that three additional strategically located fire stations are needed to cater for the expansion of the city which was approved by Council," said Raymond Kapia, chief of emergency management in the City Police and Emergency Management Department at City of Windhoek.


According to Kapia, the city could however not build all three fire stations at the same time but has decided to start in the neediest areas, hence the construction of the fire station currently underway on the site between Khomasdal and Otjimuise.

He said that this area was considered as high priority because of its vulnerability, high risk in terms of fire outbreak and longer travelling distance.

The station will provide emergency response coverage to most of the western suburb areas such as Otjomuise and informal settlements behind it (7de Laan, 8ste Laan, 9de Laan), Greenwell Matongo and Goreangab, Rocky Crest, Sam Nuuyoma Drive (Dan Viljoen Road) MVA, Otjomuise Road up to Monte-Cristo and other informal settlements in the area.

The station will become operational as soon as the construction is complete, said Kapia.

Kapia further said that at the moment, the City will not recruit or train new firemen but will utilise the recruits which are already on training at these fire stations.

"On the other hand our officers are not based at one station; we are very flexible in our operations. The city does not have to buy new Equipment in terms of Vehicles, we will use the same vehicles, what will differ is just the response time because then we will be quicker than before because of the distance," he said.

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Author:Khobetsi, Lorato
Publication:Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)
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Date:Jan 27, 2012
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