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More drug dealers caught.

END-OF-YEAR figures published today show West Midlands Police have improved performance in 13 key areas, including hard drugs trafficking and detection rates.

More hard-core drug dealers have been caught than ever before, with 780 detections from April last year to this year.

But police say they are "concerned" at the rise in robbery in the region - up 17 per cent on last year - although this is lower than the national average.

The statistics also show the detection rate per police officer is 14.16, compared with 13.8 last year, and that 3percent more burglars are being caught than last year.

The detection rate on violent crime is almost 70percent, up from 67.8percent.

Total recorded crime is up by 1.9percent, but overall detections show a 28-per-cent improvement, making the West Midlands force the best performing metropolitan force.

More than 25,000 DNA samples from prisoners were also added to the national database last year.

Chief Constable Sir Edward Crew said the latest figures represented "excellent progress" for the force.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Apr 25, 2002
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