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More door coupe; Richar Hammond.

GENERALLY, BMW don't get it wrong. But once in a while there's a blip and the company come out with something just a bit naff.

The last duffer was the 5 Series Gran Turismo, a car that is beautifully made, drives well but is rather pointless.

It's a big car that's rather ugly and only seats four people.

already like five-seater I blame the desire to have a car in every niche or to develop a new niche that everyone else will then jump into. than more pointless 5 Mercedes-Benz had the idea of the four-door saloon that has the roofline of a coupe with their CLS. Volkswagen have their own smaller version of the idea with the CC (actually a Passat four-door coupe). Now BMW are joining this new class with the 6 Series Gran Coupe.

Already, I like it more than the 5 Series GT.

this It's going to be more practical than that car, too, because the rear seatbacks can be folded down to increase luggage space to 1265 litres and, more importantly, there's an occasional third seat in the back that makes the Gran Coupe a five-seater, albeit for shortish journeys.

the GT There's adequate leg room in the back because this car is 113mm longer than the 6 Series coupe.

The styling you can judge from the photographs but you probably can't see the LED, high-level brake light that runs the entire length of the top of the rear window.

There will be no excuse for running into the back of a Gran Coupe when it's pulling up at traffic lights.

The Gran Coupe will go on sale from next month with prices starting at pounds 61,370. That buys you the entry-level (an odd expression for a 60-grand motor) 640i with BMW's twin-turbo 320bhp petrol engine. g ea 's The next model is the 640d with the company's 313bhp twin-turbo diesel engine. This will undoubtedly be the best-selling model. h o y Those who like to talk big numbers and aren't fussed about the price of fuel, will choose the 650i with its 450bhp V8 engine. rs of s What I'm really looking forward to is writing about it in six years' time when you'll be able to buy a 100,000-mile 650i for a couple of grand. Which I'm sure you will. o e 0-h


CLASS* TheBMW coupe will rival the Mercedes-Benz CLS SHAPELY n Saloon has four doors but a coupe roofline
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Date:May 18, 2012
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