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More controversy.

Berlin -- Cardinal Meisner of Cologne also publicly took issue with the Papal Nuncio in Germany, Archbishop Erwin Josef Ender, for his remarks about liturgical abuses in Germany. In a May 13 interview with a Catholic news agency, Archbishop Ender said that it is not necessary to "begin denouncing people" for liturgical abuses. He added that he was concerned abut the possibility that unfounded accusations would arise "from certain corners" against the German bishops.

Cardinal Meisner questioned whether Archbishop Ender, having been in Germany a mere six months, was adequately informed to "issue such a broad pronouncement." He went on to observe that he saw no reason to fear a flood of complaints on the issue of liturgical abuse, but reminded everyone that Redemptionis sacramentum clearly upholds the right of the faithful to make complaints if they encounter liturgical abuse.

Jumping into the fray, Cardinal Friedrich Wetter of Munich insisted that any complaints should be made to the offending priest, and the bishop should be involved only if the priest is unresponsive (Cath. World Report, July, 2004).
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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