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More bans on snacks and soft drinks in U.S. schools.

More bans on snacks and soft drinks in U.S. schools: Acting New Jersey Gov. Richard Codeyyesterday calls for schools to stop selling sodas, candy and other sugary or fatty foods. "This is the mostcomprehensive food program in the nation," Codey said. "We are saying 'no' to junk food and 'yes' tohealthy foods."

By September 2006, districts will be required to adopt a school nutrition policy. By 2007, schools will berequired to craft policies based upon the state's Model School Nutrition guidelines. This includes anoutright ban on sales of soda, all forms of candy, items listing sugar in any form as its first ingredient andsnacks that are more than 8 grams of total fat per serving.

Meanwhile, the Yakima, Washington is considering a ban on all sales of sugary soft drinks and snacksstarting this fall. The idea comes via separate recommendations by a 20-member community advisorycommittee and Superintendent Ben Soria, who suggested Friday that the school board ban sweets as partof the district's review of its food and nutrition policy. Board members, aiming to address nationwidehealth concerns that link sugary soft drinks with obesity, will make a final decision this summer.
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Comment:More bans on snacks and soft drinks in U.S. schools.(United States Schools)
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Date:Jun 13, 2005
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