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More about programming. (Letters to the Editor).

I am a new member of the American Camping Association, but have been involved in camping for several years. I just wanted to say this issue [November/December 2002] was very good and informative. Bob Ditter's questions are always great, and I would like that to be expanded to more questions per issue. I am sure I will have tons of questions to submit in the near future!

Also the articles are great. More articles that include real camp examples are good. Chris Thurber's article was great. I am the program director, so I would like to see more about programming and how to make activities better for campers.

Thanks and continue producing a great magazine.

-- Joe Schulte, Program Director

Camp Waziyatah

East Walpole, Massachusetts

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Publication:Camping Magazine
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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