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More Philips weighing systems for Bassetts.

More Philips Weighing Systems for Bassetts

Trebor-Bassett, manufacturers of the popular Jelly Baby, has ordered a further Philips electronic weighing system, following the decision to increase the capacity of their Livesy Street, Sheffield site. The new installation at the Jellies and Gums unit features a more powerful controller, with the capacity to supervise two weighing systems running different recipes simultaneously.

Philips has already supplied and installed twelve of its PR1592 batching controllers at the Jellies and Gums unit. These systems are installed in the premix area, where the raw gum mixture is prepared according to a predetermined recipe for subsequent cooking and packing. Bassetts use a number of different gum recipes for different products, all based on five ingredients-sugar, starch, glucose and gelatine. The systems control the addition and mixing of these ingredients, and signal when manual intervention is required, such as for the addition of a special ingredient.

Trebor-Bassett's new system is based on Philips' powerful PR1594 model. In the new installation, powders and liquids are mixed in two separate tanks, under the control of a single PR1594 controller. They are then combined to give a complete premix. Although this procedure produces time and cost savings, it places a heavier demand on the controller, since two recipes have to be processed at once.

The first Philips weighing systems at Trebor-Bassett (George Bassett as it then was) were installed to replace an outdated hard-wired system. The Philips system offers increased flexibility, for example, adding new recipes is considerably easier. Recipes are also formulated with a precision and repeatability never achieved previously. A printer connected to the systems provides full 'traceability' in the event of problems, and provides valuable data on material consumption.

These electronic weighing systems offered Bassetts a number of key advantages. In the first place, the units are so flexible that off- the-shelf equipment can be ordered, with a consequent reduction in cost. Secondly, the units are easy to programme, using a three level configuration recipe selection process.

Configuration of the system is carried out once, at the installation stage. Parameters, such as the arrangement of the feeds (eg, valve 1 is glucose), are set. Other non variable parameters such as the in-flight compensation (compensation for the delay in shutting off material supply after the command is given) can also be entered at this stage. These parameters are constant for all recipes and are therefore protected to prevent accidental changes during recipe programming.

Once the basic parameters have been set, the recipes for the different mixtures can be entered. These will consist of varying quantities of the ingredients, together with mixing times, standing times and other actions as appropriate. Provision can be made for the addition of other ingredients, such as colourings, which are not included in the automatic feed system. These ingredients can, however, be weighed and the quantity added can be stored in the tally system for accounting purposes. These variables are also protected from the operator, so that recipes variables cannot be changed during recipe selection. The supervisor simply selects a recipe, and the operator then follows the instructions given on the batching controller display.

For further information readers should contact Philips Industrial Automation at 513 Coldhams Lane, Cambridge, Cambs CB1 3EU, tel: 0223 212670.

PHOTO : Part of the Philips system seen in the Jelly and Gum department
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Date:Nov 1, 1990
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