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More Maumelle Co. complaints.

More Maumelle Co. Complaints

Although The Maumelle Co. owner Jay DeHaven insists that all is well with the company, the list of complaints at the Arkansas Real Estate Commission is growing.

Since Arkansas Business compiled a list January 9 which showed 13 complaints had been filed against the company, an additional five complaints have been entered.

Also, Commission Secretary Roy Bilheimer recently questioned salesman Richard Martin about a controversial sales manual that was used at the company.

DeHaven says the manual was just used for three days, but others say it was used for months, possibly years. The significance of the manual is that it encourages sales staff to lie and misrepresent the property they are selling.

DeHaven also reportedly apologized to the Commission for claiming Bilheimer had cut a deal with Martin to use his testimony to get The Maumelle Co.

Meanwhile, Dewayne Graham of "Seven-On-Your-Side" is preparing to air a spot on the company.
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Title Annotation:complaints filed with Arkansas Real Estate Commission
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Feb 11, 1991
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