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More Baseball Players Deny/Admit Drug Use in Talks With Press.

Baseball players named in the Mitchell Report on drug use in the sport continued to go to media on Saturday to confirm or deny the allegations.

We will post more as they come up.

Brendan Donnelly, who was just released by the Red Sox, told the Boston Herald it was untrue he purchased steroids from Kirk Radomski while with the Angels in 2004: "In 2004 I was having multiple health issues and was concerned about not getting on the field fast enough," Donnelly said in a statement. "I made a phone call to Radomski about a substance called Anavar. Once I learned Anavar was classified as a steroid I realized that was not an option. That was the end of it. Yes I called him. But I did not purchase or receive anything from him and have never taken Deca or Anavar. I fully support the current drug testing program put in place by Major League Baseball and agree with their efforts to widen the testing."

According to AP, the Yankees' Andy Pettitte released a statement, admitting to using HGH on two occasions back in 2002. This may put pressure on his friend Roger Clemens, the star of the Mitchell report, so to speak, to also accept some blame.

"If what I did was an error in judgment on my part, I apologize," Pettitte said. "I accept responsibility for those two days."

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