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More 'Mages Of Mystralia' Stretch Goals Teased.

The indie action-adventure game "Mages of Mystralia" has successfully gathered more than enough pledges from backers for its Kickstarter project. However, the Montreal, Canada-based gaming studio Borealys Games is still not done stretching the development of the spell-binding game.

With 11 days left until its crowdfunding campaign officially ends, "Mages of Mystralia" is racing against time to have the last stretch goal unlocked. The final entry in the list of post-launch content Borealys promised to players will only be unlocked when pledges amount to CA$150,000. As of press time, the campaign has CA$113,434 funding from 2,925 backers.

The CA$150,000 stretch goal is a special treat to players since it will introduce a new game mode called Archmage. This mode is likely to be the most challenging one in the action-adventure; the developer even stated in its description that this will show players "what true difficulties" lie before them. The mode will be the ultimate test for one to prove that he or she is the master of spellcrafting or the Archmage.

Interestingly, Borealys is teasing that there's more to come to players once the Archmage game mode is unlocked. The independent company indicated on the Kickstarter page for its game that more stretch goals will be revealed soon. So the sooner the Archmage mode is unlocked, the sooner will backers find out what else is there to enhance and expand the overall gaming experience.

"Mages of Mystralia" is an action-adventure game that's described as a combination of "Legend of Zelda" and "Harry Potter." The singe-player is created in a fantasy world crafted by the same creator of the Forgotten Realms campaign of the "Dungeons & Dragons" fantasy role-playing game. It also boasts of an immersive soundtrack made by the Video Game Orchestra and Shota Nakama, who is known for his works in "Final Fantasy XV" and "Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remaster."

The game, which is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms, has bagged three awards already. In 2016, it won the Gamer Nexus Best Indie Game at PAX East and the Gamesight Best Indie Art at PAX West. This year, it was given the Hardcore Gamer Best Game at PAX South.

Get more information about "Mages of Mystralia" ( here.

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Date:Apr 4, 2017
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