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Articles from Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (August 26, 2005)

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Ambulatory-care diagnoses as potential indicators of outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness--Minnesota. Yih, W. Katherine; Abrams, A.; Danila, R.; Green, K.; Kleinman, K.; Kulldorff, M.; Miller, B.; Nordi 4388
An evaluation model for syndromic surveillance: assessing the performance of a temporal algorithm. Buckeridge, David L.; Switzer, P.; Owens, D.; Siegrist, D.; Pavlin, J.; Musen, M. 4541
Automated anomaly detection processor for biologic terrorism early detection *--Hampton, Virginia. Thomas, D. Michael; Arouh, S.; Carley, K.; Kraiman, J.; Davis, J. 555
BioSense: implementation of a national early event detection and situational awareness system. Bradley, Colleen A.; Rolka, H.; Walker, D.; Loonsk, J. 4308
Clinician syndromic surveillance consequent to participation in the National Bioterrorism Syndromic Surveillance Demonstration Project (NBSSDP)--Central Texas, 2003. Pichette, Janet L.; Sherwood, E.; Valadez, A.; Jackson, J.; Neighbors, N.; Schultz, J. 515
Comparison of outpatient visit and emergency department data for use in syndromic surveillance--New York City, 2001-2004. Metzger, Kristina; Mostashari, F.; Kendall, M. 493
Comparison of syndromic surveillance and a sentinel provider system in detecting an influenza outbreak--Denver, Colorado, 2003. Ritzwoller, Debra P.; Kleinman, K.; Palen, T.; Abrams, A.; Kaferly, J.; Yih, W.; Platt, R. 3834
Comparisons of timeliness and signal strength for multiple syndromic surveillance data types--San Diego County, July 2003-July 2004. Magruder, Steven F.; Marsden-Haug, N.; Hakre, S.; Coberly, J.; McClean, C.; Johnson, J.; Anderson, A 517
Connecting health departments and providers: syndromic surveillance's last mile. Daniel, James B.; Heisey-Grove, D.; Gadam, P.; Yih, W.; Mandl, K.; DeMaria, A., Jr.; Platt, R. 2757
Constant specificity surveillance for real-time outbreak detection. Wieland, Shannon C.; Berger, B.; Mandl, K. 522
Daily electronic disease surveillance system--Bergen County, Paramus, New Jersey. La Forgia, Brian; Fiorenza, L.; John, S.; Paladini, M. 524
Deciphering data anomalies in BioSense. Sokolow, Leslie Z.; Grady N.; Rolka, H.; Walker, D.; McMurray, P.; English-Bullard, R.; Loonsk, J. 4424
Detecting elongated disease clusters. Neill, Daniel B.; Moore, A.; Sabhnani, M. 489
Early detection of outbreaks using the BioDefend[TM] syndromic surveillance system--Florida, May 2002-July 2004. Uhde, Kristin B.; Farrell, C.; Geddie, Y.; Leon, M.; Cattani, J. 447
Effect of site of care and age on timeliness and accuracy of syndromic surveillance data. Brownstein, John S.; Olson, K.; Kleinman, K.; Mandl, K. 487
Emergency department surveillance for the 2003 Rugby World Cup--New South Wales, Australia. Muscatello, David J.; Churches, T.; Kaldor, J.; Zheng, W.; Chiu, C.; Correll, P.; Mannes, T. 539
Emergency department visits for concern regarding anthrax--New Jersey, 2001. Allegra, Paul C.; Cochrane, D.; Dunn, E.; Milano, P.; Rothman, J.; Allegra, J. 3628
Evaluating a syndromic surveillance system for the detection of acute infectious gastroenteritis outbreaks--North Carolina, 2004. Sickbert-Bennett, Emily E.; Scholer, M.; Butler, J.; Travers, D.; MacFarquhar, J.; Waller, A.; Ghnei 575
Evaluation of joint services installation pilot project and Bionet syndromic surveillance systems--United States, 2004. Marsden-Haug, Nicola; Foster, V.; Hakre, S.; Anderson, A.; Pavlin, J. 511
Evaluation of syndromic surveillance based on National Health Service direct derived data--England and Wales. Doroshenko, Alexander; Cooper, D.; Smith, G.; Gerard, E.; Chinemana, F.; Verlander, N.; Nicoll, A. 4153
Experimental surveillance using data on sales of over-the-counter medications--Japan, November 2003-April 2004. Ohkusa, Yasushi; Shigematsu, M.; Taniguchi, K.; Okabe, N. 3463
Federal role in early detection preparedness systems. Broome, Claire V. 2317
Guidelines for constructing a statewide hospital syndromic surveillance network. Dembek, Zygmunt F.; Carley, K.; Hadler, J. 2511
High-fidelity injection detectability experiments: a tool for evaluating syndromic surveillance systems. Wallstrom, Garrick L.; Wagner, M.; Hogan, W. 3179
Hospital admissions syndromic surveillance--Connecticut, October 2001-June 2004. Hadler, James L.; Siniscalchi, A.; Dembek, Z. 2954
Implementation of laboratory order data in BioSense Early Event Detection and Situation Awareness System. Ma, Haobo; Rolka, H.; Mandl, K.; Buckeridge, D.; Fleischauer, A.; Pavlin, J. 2647
INFERNO: a system for early outbreak detection and signature forecasting. Naumova, Elena N.; O'Neil, E.; MacNeill, I. 4197
Initial evaluation of the early aberration reporting system--Florida. Zhu, Yiliang; Wang, W.; Atrubin, D.; Wu, Y. 5129
Leveraging syndromic surveillance during the San Diego Wildfires, 2003. Johnson, Jeffrey M.; Hicks, L.; McClean, C.; Ginsberg, M. 507
Linked analysis for definition of nurse advice line syndrome groups, and comparison to encounters. Magruder, Steven F.; Henry, J.; Snyder, M. 3585
Monitoring over-the-counter medication sales for early detection of disease outbreaks--New York City. Das, Debjani; Metzger, K.; Hefferman, R.; Balter, S.; Weiss, D.; Mostashari, F. 3185
Performance-critical anomaly detection--United States, December 2002-March 2004. Goodall, Colin R.; Lent, A.; Halasz, S.; Koski, E.; Agarwal, D.; Tse, S.; Jacobson, G. 626
Poison control center-based syndromic surveillance for foodborne illness. Derby, Mary P.; McNally, J.; Ranger-Moore, J.; Hulette, L.; Villar, R.; Hysong, T.; MacNeill, E.; Le 4309
Preface. Rolka, Henry R. 568
Preventable measles among U.S. residents, 2001-2004. Smith, S.; Averhoff, F.; Redd, S.; Rue, A. 2326
Progress in improving state and local disease surveillance--United States, 2000-2005. 2031
Public health monitoring tools for multiple data streams. Burkom, Howard S.; Murphy, S.; Coberly, J.; Hurt-Mullen, K. 6129
Public health surveillance for World Youth Day--Toronto, Canada, 2002. Bassil, Kate L.; Henry, B.; Rea, E.; Varia, M.; Cole, D. 506
QuickStats. Illustration 250
Shigella flexneri serotype 3 infections among men who have sex with men--Chicago, Illinois, 2003-2004. Watson, J.T.; Jones, R.C.; Fernandez, J.; Cortes, C.; Gerber, S.I.; Kuo, K.J.; Price, J.S.; Brooks, 1381
Simulation for assessing statistical methods of biologic terrorism surveillance. Kleinman, Ken P.; Abrams, A.; Mandl, K.; Platt, R. 4597
Space-time clusters with flexible shapes. Iyengar, Vijay S. 3483
Syndromic approach to West Nile virus--the Netherlands, 2002-2003. van den Wijngaard, Cees; van Asten, L.; Rockx, B.; van Pelt, W.; Godeke, G.; Koopmans, M. 504
Syndromic surveillance for early location of terrorist incidents outside of residential areas. Green, Manfred S.; Kaufman, Z. 509
Syndromic surveillance on the epidemiologist's desktop: making sense of much data. Hurt-Mullen, Kathy J.; Coberly, J. 2906
Syndromic surveillance system evaluation--District of Columbia, 2001-2004. Stoto, Michael A.; Jain, A.; Diamond, A.; Davies-Cole, J.; Adade, A.; Washington, S.; Kidane, G.; Gl 555
Table 1. Summary of provisional cases of selected notifiable diseases, United States, cumulative, week ending August 20, 2005 (33rd Week) *. Illustration 320
Table II. Provisional cases of selected notifiable diseases, United States, weeks ending August 20, 2005, and August 21, 2004 (33rd Week) *. Illustration 6954
Table III. Deaths in 122 U.S. cities, * week ending August 20, 2005 (33rd Week). Illustration 1588
Three stages of evaluation for syndromic surveillance from chief-complaint classification--Pennsylvania and Utah. Chapman, Wendy W.; Dowling, J.; Ivanov, O.; Olszewski, B.; Wagner M. 668
Three years of emergency department gastrointestinal syndromic surveillance in New York City: what have we found? Balter, Sharon; Weiss, D.; Hanson, H.; Reddy, V.; Das, D.; Heffernan, R. 4627
Use of Medicaid prescription data for syndromic surveillance--New York. Chen, Jian-Hua; Schmit, K.; Chang, H.; Herlihy, E.; Miller, J.; Smith, P. 2337
Use of modeled anthrax attacks on the Mall of America to assess sensitivity of syndromic surveillance--Minnesota, 2003-2004. Nordin, James D.; Goodman, M.; Kulldorff, M.; Ritzwoller, D.; Abrams, A.; Donahue, J.; Vest, J. 444
Use of multiple data streams to conduct Bayesian biologic surveillance. Wong, Weng-Keen; Cooper, G.; Dash, D.; Levander, J.; Dowling, J.; Hogan, W.; Wagner, M. 4586
Using categorization of reason-for-visit strings as the basis for an outbreak detection system--Minnesota, 2002-2003. Raman, Sivakumaran; Levin, J.; Hall, D.; Frey, K. 503
Using data on an influenza B outbreak to evaluate a syndromic surveillance system--Israel, June 2004. Kaufman, Zalman; Cohen, E.; Peled-Leviatan, T.; Lavi, C.; Aharonowitz, G.; Dichtiar, R.; Bromberg, M 578
Using modified spatial scan statistic to improve detection of disease outbreak when exposure occurs in workplace--Virginia, 2004. Duczmal, Luiz; Buckeridge, D. 550
Using self-testing to augment syndromic surveillance--United Kingdom, December 2003-January 2004. Cooper, Duncan L.; Smith, G.; Loveridge, P.; Chinemana, F.; Gerard, E.; Joseph, C.; Baker, M.; Mant, 539
Visual portrayal of syndromic surveillance data by using high-low charting--Maine, 2004. Rogers, Gwen M.; Valenti, A. 391

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