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Moratin, Leandro Fernandez de.

Moratin, Leandro Fernandez de

(1760 - 1828) Spanish dramatist. Moratin's early diplomatic career was ruined as a result of his collaboration with the Napoleonic invaders of Spain. After the fall of Joseph Bonaparte, he fled to France, where he remained in permanent exile.

Moratin's literary reputation rests on his five plays, which are notable for their successful blending of French classicism and the traditional drama of Spain. His masterpiece, El si de las ninas (1806), is a charming comedy directed against parental tyranny. He also wrote La comedia nueva or El cafe (1792), a satire on contemporary dramatists; La mojigata (1804), an acute analysis of hypocrisy; and La derrota de los pedantes (1789), a prose satire on bad writers; and he translated Shakespeare's Hamlet and several works by Moliere.

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