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Home Internet Access Still Out of Reach for Many Worldwide; One in three adults reported access in 2011, but fewer than one in 10 in many nations. Survey Jan 14, 2013 837 Year in Review; A review of Gallup's top findings in 2012. Brief article Dec 31, 2012 270
Snapshot: Britons Less Trusting of Media; Confidence declines measurably for the first time in Gallup tracking. Survey Dec 7, 2012 489
U.S. Upper-Income Spending Slips in October; Overall spending declined slightly nationally but increased in the East. Survey Nov 2, 2012 794
Women Worldwide Less Confident Than Men in Elections; Gender gap is largest in high-income countries. Survey Oct 11, 2012 931
U.S. Job Creation Gets Slight Boost From State, Local Gov't; Nationwide and private-sector job creation largely steady for the past six months. Survey Sep 5, 2012 882
Hawaii, Utah, South Dakota Lead in "Thriving"; West Virginia and Maine fare worst overall. Survey Aug 14, 2012 917
U.S. Job Creation Largely Steady in May; Increase in government net job creation offsets decline in private sector. Survey Jun 6, 2012 1008
U.S. Consumer Spending Holds Higher for Third Straight Month; Current streak rivals the 2011 holiday season's. Survey Jun 1, 2012 856
U.S. Allergy Season Worse Than Usual; Nearly one in five Americans had allergies in March. Survey Apr 18, 2012 1025
Provo-Orem, Utah, Leads U.S. Metro Areas in City Optimism; Residents of Binghamton, N.Y., are the least optimistic. Survey Mar 13, 2012 1114
Hawaii, Alaska, D.C. Lead in Gov't Jobs; Federal, state, and local government employment all declined nationally in 2011. Survey Feb 13, 2012 1036
Republicans, Democrats Favor Tax Breaks to Win Back U.S. Jobs; Independents tend to favor each of five specific economic proposals. Survey Feb 1, 2012 793
Americans' Immigration Concerns Linger; Nearly two-thirds are dissatisfied with the current level of immigration. Survey Jan 17, 2012 982
Fewer Americans "Thriving" in 2011 Than in 2010; Life ratings improved in November and December compared with July to October. Survey Jan 13, 2012 945 Year in Review; What we learned in 2011. Brief article Dec 30, 2011 159
Fewer Americans See U.S. Divided Into "Haves," "Have Nots"; The majority would put themselves in the "haves" category if they had to choose. Survey Dec 15, 2011 758
Americans' Ability to Afford Food Nears Three-Year Low; Overall access to basic needs also declines to a new low. Survey Nov 10, 2011 1034
In U.S., High Interest in National Politics for Non-Election Year; Conservatives' and seniors' interest is up the most compared with 2007. Survey Oct 28, 2011 858
Americans Grow More Negative About Their Personal Finances; Nearly half say their financial situation is "getting worse," similar to early 2008. Survey Oct 19, 2011 980
U.S. Underemployment Declines Slightly in September; But fewer are working full time for employers and more part-timers are seeking full-time work. Survey Oct 6, 2011 962
U.S. Job Creation Falls Back Further in September; Midwest sees the largest decline since August. Survey Oct 4, 2011 890
Majority in U.S. Continues to Distrust the Media, Perceive Bias; More perceive liberal bias than conservative bias. Survey Sep 22, 2011 660
More U.S. Workers Unhappy With Health Benefits, Promotions; Workers least satisfied with on-the-job stress, tangible rewards for their work. Survey Sep 5, 2011 867
Smokers' Own Concern About Smoking Ties Record High; Their views still lag significantly behind those of U.S. adults overall and nonsmokers. Survey Aug 5, 2011 761
Near Record-Low Confidence in U.S. Public Schools; Confidence level has held largely steady amid recession and budget cuts. Jul 29, 2011 879
Americans Regain Some Confidence in Newspapers, TV News; Confidence still lags behind levels of trust seen through much of the 1990s and into 2003. Jun 27, 2011 737
U.S. Adults Estimate That 25% of Americans Are Gay or Lesbian; Those with lower incomes, the less educated, women, and young people give the highest estimates. May 27, 2011 972
Obama's Birth Certificate Convinces Some, but Not All, Skeptics; Less than half of Republicans still say he was definitely or probably born in the U.S. Survey May 13, 2011 669
Google and Facebook Users Skew Young, Affluent, and Educated; A majority of each site's users are concerned about invasion of privacy. Survey Feb 17, 2011 934
U.S. Internet Users Ready to Limit Online Tracking for Ads; However, many are amenable to being tracked by advertisers they choose. Survey Dec 21, 2010 864
In U.S., 67% Support Repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"; The most opposition comes from conservative Republicans. Survey Dec 9, 2010 813
Most U.S. Air Travelers OK Sacrificing Privacy for Security; Frequent travelers largely OK with body scans, more negative on pat-downs. Survey Nov 23, 2010 994
More Than 10% of U.S. Adults Sick With Allergies on a Given Day; Women, low-income Americans, those living in the South most likely to report allergy sickness. Survey Nov 17, 2010 1327
Social Offerings, Openness Key to Community Attachment; Overall, softer metrics appear to matter more to residents than harder metrics. Survey Nov 15, 2010 912
Palin's Nod a Plus With Republicans, Minus With Independents; Negative impact on independents is less than Obama's. Survey Oct 20, 2010 783
Americans Disagree on How to Fix Entitlement Programs; Do not provide a mandate for raising taxes or cutting benefits to address economic problems. Survey Oct 15, 2010 934
Distrust in U.S. Media Edges Up to Record High; Perceptions of liberal bias still far outnumber perceptions of conservative bias. Survey Sep 29, 2010 773
In U.S., Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables Trails Access; Most in U.S. report easy access to affordable fresh produce; few consume recommended amount. Survey Sep 22, 2010 918
Americans More Pessimistic About Emerging From Recession; Majority see the economy staying the same or getting worse. Survey Sep 15, 2010 689
Airline Industry Image Grounded in Negative Territory; More Americans are "very negative" on airlines than they were a year or five years ago. Survey Aug 26, 2010 671
In U.S., Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Remains a Rarity; No more than 25% say they have a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in either. Survey Aug 13, 2010 736
Student Poll: 34% in Grades 5-12 Hopeful, Engaged, Thriving; Others fall short in at least one of these dimensions. Survey Aug 12, 2010 1154
Gov't. Employment Ranges From 38% in D.C. to 12% in Ohio; Federal, state, or local government employs 17% of U.S. workers nationally. Survey Aug 6, 2010 937
Amid Immigration Debate, Americans' Views Ease Slightly; Preference for decreased immigration remains, but to a lesser degree than a year ago. Survey Jul 27, 2010 803
Michelle Obama Outshines All Others in Favorability Poll; Remains more popular than her husband and Hillary Clinton. Survey Jul 22, 2010 709
One in Three Americans "Extremely Patriotic"; Republicans, conservatives, and seniors most likely to say so. Survey Jul 2, 2010 571
Americans Critical of Oil Spill Response; Keeping Close Tabs; President Obama's efforts rated more positively than BP's. Survey May 27, 2010 777
Congress Holds Healthcare Bump, Save for Independents; Approval steady nationwide, among Democrats compared with a month ago. Survey May 14, 2010 454
In U.S., Broad, Steady Support for Openly Gay Service Members; Majorities in all key subgroups say they favor allowing gay men and women to serve openly. Brief article May 10, 2010 434
Volcano-Related Disruptions Affected 14% of Americans; Those in the East most likely to report having their personal travel plans disrupted. Survey Apr 30, 2010 630
Green Behaviors Common in U.S., but Not Increasing; Nearly all recycle, making it the most common environmentally friendly action. Survey Apr 9, 2010 766
Americans Back Five-Day-Per-Week Mail Delivery; Prefer that option to government funding for postal service, higher stamp prices. Survey Mar 26, 2010 352
Americans See Life Through Rosiest Lens in Two Years; New high in life evaluation pushes overall well-being in January to post-financial crisis high. Survey Feb 11, 2010 871
Americans Lean Against Letting More Haitians Into U.S. Nearly two-thirds (63%) support keeping U.S. personnel there until basic services are restored. Survey Jan 25, 2010 588
Congress' Approval Recovers Some; Independents Buck Trend; At 26%, approval remains low compared to this summer and most of the year. Survey Nov 13, 2009 634
Many Americans Remain Distrusting of News Media; Less than half (45%) have great deal/fair amount of confidence; majority perceive bias. Survey Oct 1, 2009 808
Basic Access: Iowa, Minn., Mass. Shine; Mississippi Falters; Many states trending downward compared to 2008 on measures of basic need. Survey Aug 18, 2009 1026
Economy Declines Further as Top Problem; Healthcare Rises; One in four now name healthcare, up from 16% a month ago. Survey Aug 14, 2009 495
Americans Return to Tougher Immigration Stance; More want immigration decreased than kept the same or increased. Survey Aug 5, 2009 682
Economy Still Trumps, but Declines Further as Top Problem; Mentions of healthcare increase slightly amid legislative debate. Survey Jun 24, 2009 389
Americans' Satisfaction Plateaus Over the Past Month; One-third are satisfied, on par with a month ago. Survey Jun 9, 2009 589
Conservatives Shift in Favor of Openly Gay Service Members; Weekly churchgoers also show double-digit increase in support from 2004. Survey Jun 5, 2009 704
Knowing Someone Gay/Lesbian Affects Views of Gay Issues; Opposition to gay marriage higher among those who do not know someone who is gay/lesbian. Survey May 29, 2009 833
Americans Green-Light Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards; Majority support spans political parties and demographics. Survey May 19, 2009 637
Americans Split on Media Coverage of Swine Flu; Few are personally worried they or a family member will get it. Survey May 7, 2009 586
Obama Administration Gets High Marks on Swine Flu So Far; Roughly two-thirds approve across all regions and levels of worry. Survey Apr 29, 2009 531
Americans Steady in Backing Friendlier U.S.-Cuba Relations; Majority support for diplomatic relations, fewer trade and travel restrictions. Survey Apr 23, 2009 613
Consumer Measures Show Best Signs Since Start of Crisis; More see economic conditions "getting better," fewer see conditions as "poor". Survey Apr 16, 2009 575
Americans See Newer Threats On Par With Ongoing Conflicts; Concerns about Iran and North Korea similar to those about Afghanistan and Iraq. Survey Apr 6, 2009 484
Amid Budget Battle, Americans' Views Hold Steady; Views are more positive than negative but diverge according to party lines. Survey Mar 26, 2009 618
Outraged Americans Want AIG Bonus Money Recovered; Views persist across party lines. Survey Mar 18, 2009 604
Majority of Americans Likely Support Stem Cell Decision; Fifty-two percent support easing Bush-era restrictions or lifting restrictions entirely. Survey Mar 9, 2009 660
In U.S., Majority Still See Stocks as a Good Long-Term Buy; But few stock owners plan to invest more over the next month. Survey Mar 5, 2009 581
Obama Speech Bolsters Confidence for Many Americans; Of those who watched, 57% are now more confident about his plans to fix the economy. Survey Feb 26, 2009 628
Americans See Afghanistan War as Still Worth Fighting; Though many would like faster withdrawal of troops than is likely. Survey Feb 19, 2009 674
Majority of Americans Support Direct Diplomacy With Iran; Despite continuing to be highly unfavorable toward the country overall. Survey Feb 13, 2009 681
Media Coverage of Obama Gets Mixed and Partisan Reviews; Nearly half see coverage as about right, but views diverge by party, job approval. Survey Feb 5, 2009 546
Americans Send No Clear Mandate on Guantanamo Bay; Slightly more prefer keeping the prison open than prefer closing it, but 20% unsure. Survey Jan 21, 2009 688
Americans Anticipate Historic Inauguration, Excellent Speech; More see event as a celebration by all Americans than have done so in years past. Survey Jan 19, 2009 565
Nearly Half of Americans Are Frequent Internet Users; Less affluent, non-working, unmarried post big gains in usage since last year. Survey Jan 2, 2009 672
A Gallup.Com Year in Review; Revisiting some of the most defining findings of 2008. Brief article Dec 31, 2008 164
Cable, Internet News Sources Growing in Popularity; Local television news remains preferred daily source. Survey Dec 15, 2008 796
Initial Bailout Falling Out of Favor With Americans; More likely now than in October to see it as a "bad thing". Survey Dec 9, 2008 647
Americans Don't See Economic Turnaround Anytime Soon; Two-thirds expect it will be two years or more before recovery begins. Survey Dec 8, 2008 421
Cabinet Picks Not Affecting Overall Confidence in Obama; Throughout transition, two-thirds of Americans consistently confident. Survey Dec 5, 2008 505
Most Americans Closely Watching Obamaa[euro][TM]s Transition; Though not as many as followed the presidential election. Survey Nov 18, 2008 466
Americans See Serious Challenges Ahead for New President; Obama and McCain supporters agree economy should be top priority. Survey Oct 16, 2008 416
Americansa[euro][TM] Financial Worries Becoming More Wide-Ranging; Energy/Gas costs still the top problem, but to lesser degree overall. Survey Oct 13, 2008 501
Young Voters '08: Pro-Obama and Mindful of Outcome; Majority of 18- to 29-year-olds perceive a direct impact of president on their lives. Survey Oct 6, 2008 1080
Americans More Tuned In Than Ever to Political News; Record interest in political news coincides with record distrust in media. Survey Sep 22, 2008 775
Majority of Americans Not Fearful of Terrorist Attack; A slim majority (52%) are satisfied with U.S. progress in the war on terrorism. Survey Sep 10, 2008 720
Most Americans Consider Smoking Very Harmful; Majority blame smokers, rather than tobacco companies, for smokers' health problems. Survey Jul 28, 2008 656
Despite Salmonella Cases, Americans Confident in Food Safety; Confidence in grocery stores, restaurants steady compared to one year ago. Survey Jul 21, 2008 623
Fewer Americans See McCain, Obama Views as "About Right". Survey Jul 11, 2008 743
Nearly All Americans Consider Military Service "Patriotic"; Symbolic gestures valued more highly by older Americans and the less educated. Survey Jul 3, 2008 711
Americans Prioritize the Economy Over Terrorism; Majority viewpoint persists across all incomes and among independents. Survey Jun 27, 2008 595

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