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Moral duty to avoid lack of NHS care; LETTERS.

RECENT headlines reveal 47,000 patients are stuck in hospital backlogs, treating human beings as flotsam floating on a river which goes nowhere.

Of those 47,000 people, each one will have a personal experience of physical discomfort of whatever their individual circumstances.

Some may die before they are treated, as has been happening. Where is the moral compass and common humanity that accepts this state of affairs? Health Boards cutting clinics, to save money, closing wards, reducing bed capacity and community hospitals is not within the original spirit of the National Health Service to treat the sick.

It would be interesting to know of the figure of 47,000 how many are elderly and end up stuck in Ambulances backing up outside our hospitals. Is there any age discrimination happening when waiting lists are being prioritised? National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence)(Conversion of Framework Powers) order says basically a duty of care is owed to any person in connection with diagnoses of illness.

Does that breach of duty include failing to run our hospitals for the benefit of patients and providing adequate funding? Would a legal argument stating we have no money be a defence for such a breach of duty? Will the Health Minister Mark Drakeford take action to remedy the Breach of Duty? Diana Hannam, Rhyl
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Feb 13, 2014
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