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Morain to become rental house for McElroy.

McElroy has announced the addition of a new rental partner, Morain Sales & Service, which will offer a full line of polypropylene pipe fusion products. The Mineral Ridge, OH-based company will rent fusion tools and accessories primarily to McElroy's polypropylene distributors in the United States.

"Our new innovations in polypropylene pipe fusion equipment play a key role in the highest-quality indoor piping systems being built today," said McElroy President Chip McElroy. "We applaud Morain for taking a leading role in ensuring that the best tools possible are readily available through our distributors."

Morain has had a long relationship with McElroy having specialized for more than 26 years in McElroy products for polyethylene pipe used widely in water and natural gas distribution systems. Morain is a Certified McElroy Rental and Authorized Service Center with certified McElroy mechanics for which staff provides the best customer service possible.

"This is a new and exciting opportunity for Morain to enter the polypropylene industry and to help support and promote it throughout McElroy's distributor network," said Morain President Jeff Hattendorf. "Customers know they can count on McElroy fusion equipment. We are extremely optimistic that our full-house offering of polypropylene-specific machines is the solution needed for distributors to be successful in this progressive market."

Morain will provide full customer support and training for polypropylene distributors in the northeastern U.S. states while McElroy will aid in the support functions elsewhere. Morain is eager to support all polypropylene distributors regardless of the pipe brand.

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Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Aug 1, 2015
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