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Mop fair site attracts e-mail support.

SUPPORTERS of Warwick's Mop Fair can sign up to an internet site to help preserve it.

The town is one of the few to retain its two-day Mop Fair each October.

Some traders and residents would be glad to see the back of it, but Paul Tandy, 22, a graduate in business engineering, of Woodloes Park, has started up a web-based campaign to make sure the fair stays.

His great-grandfather used to help out with the ox roast and Mr Tandy remembers visiting the fair almost every year.

He said: "It has been going for 100 years or more and I want to see it retained. I have had 25 people contact me through e-mail and I will print them off and give them to the council."

To support Mr Tandy, or offer a different view, send an e-mail to:
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jan 3, 2004
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