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Moosehead table tap aids draught sales.

After a successful test marketing stint, Moosehead beer has more than doubled draught sales through the distribution of the Moosehead table tap. Due to its success, the devise will be introduced nationally to bars and restaurants this fall.

Originally, Guinness Import Co. designed the table tap as an anniversary commemorative item that would act as a 92-oz. portable beer dispenser that serves cold draught beer.

"It was never before possible to dispense cold draught beer from something other than a keg at on-premise locations," reported Tom Rose, group marketing director for Guinness Import Co., Moosehead's United States importer.

"The table tap has been so successful that the on-premise locations, in our trial, saw a 53-percent volume increase and a high trade-up margin by consumers from domestic to imported beer."

Rose added that Guinness hopes to make the table tap available nationally in time for the fall sports season. "We expect a terrific response from sports enthusiasts of all kinds," Rose said. "The table tap is perfect for groups who enjoy watching sports events in bars because they can enjoy the spirit and fun of a keg without its size, weight and mess."

The table tap serves up eight to 10 glasses of beer and is refillable, Rose concluded.
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Title Annotation:Guinness Import Co.'s Moosehead beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 31, 1992
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