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Moosehead spot claims Clinton did not "avoid the draft." (Moosehead Breweries Ltd.'s advertising; Bill Clinton)

A Moosehead beer print advertisement that was launched last week claimed to have new documented proof that President Bill Clinton did not "avoid the draft."

Created for the Guinness Import Co., the ad uncovered a New York Times article detailing a visit by Clinton and his family to the Nugget Bar & Grill in Santa Barbara, CA.

According to the report, the President was "lured by reports that the owner had bought a saxophone for him to play. |Clinton~ ate a hamburger and drank a Moosehead draft beer..."

"It's not often that a brand name becomes associated with a major political figure," said Nat Whitten, creative director of the ad's creator, Weiss, Whitten, Carrol, Stagliano. "Jimmy Carter had his peanuts, Ronald Reagan had his jelly beans, and George Bush had his pork rinds. But those were just generic products. Nobody knows what their favorite brands were."

Playing off a pre-election charge that a young Clinton avoided the military draft, the ad is headlined, "Proof that President-Elect Clinton didn't avoid the draft," and a reproduction of the article.

The copy below the ad continues, "Make no mistake about it, our new commander-in-chief definitely ordered a Moosehead. After all, it is one of the world's greatest beers. Excellent decision, sir. We salute you."
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 25, 1993
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