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Moose therapy: Norwalk Press cake provides.

On October 17, 2006, we received a charming e-mail from our favorite award-winning film-maker, Stephen Kroschel. He has saved many abandoned or starving arctic animals--however he and his son Garrett also consume perhaps a gallon of carrot juice daily. This leaves him with a great deal of carrot press cake. Recently, he acquired an orphaned, sick moose calf.

Steve writes, "I have discovered that the moose LOVES the press cakes! So, instead of each day just dumping the five gallon bucket or so of press cakes onto the compost hill, I now excitedly mix the whole works into the moose's ration and into her trough. This also saves me a sizable amount of money in supplemental pelletized moose ration.

"As soon as the beast hears the cabin door open, she crashes out of the woods, forsaking even normal wild moose food for the moment and rushes up to the trough almost jumping up and down like a puppy. I have to watch it or she'll land on me and I'll get squashed ... So, now Dr. Gerson's Therapy has extended even to what was once a poor sickly li'l orphaned moose calf."

The moose has already appeared in Kroschel's Gerson documentary Dying to Have Known!
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Title Annotation:leftover carrot material from making carrot juice used to feed a moose
Author:Gerson, Charlotte
Publication:Gerson Healing Newsletter
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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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