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Moonlight molds supplies bridge-anchoring 'baskets'.

The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority, with the help of award-winning public artist Andrew Leicester, envisioned the Gold Line Bridge as a memorable expression of the Arcadia, Calif., community--past and present. Part of this vision included two 25-ft. tall, 17-ft. wide sculptural "baskets" anchoring the sides of the Landmark crossing. These baskets pay tribute to the indigenous people of the San Gabriel Valley as well as the oversized iconic roadside traditions of nearby Route 66.

Gardena, Calif.-based Moonlight Molds fabricated 152 precast pieces for the project; specifically, 60 precast segments for each woven basket. Tied together visually by the relief-pattern on the outrigger beam, the baskets flank the main superstructure. Each basket has ]6 reeds at top, which range from 2 to 10 ft. in height. The weave sections are 6-ft. tong and weigh 900 Lb. each.

Moonlight Molds formulated a special mix design by using Raven black rock, clear glass, gray glass, mirror glass and a Locally sourced native sand to achieve the color and "sparkle" desired. A concrete retarder was used to etch/texture and expose the aggregate/glass finish. Furthermore, the complex patterns of weaving on the outrigger beam and ribbed pattern on the superstructure were created using hand-crafted wood formwork with rubber formliners. The formwork acted as a mold into which concrete was poured. Once removed, the intricate patterns on the surface of the structures were revealed.

"The Construction Authority is proud to have created a functional piece of art that will inspire travelers and commuters for generations to come," said Doug Tessitor, Construction Authority board chair and Glendora council member. "The Gold Line Bridge is representative of the rich and proud heritage of our region, and it will serve as a Landmark for the San Gabriel Valley."

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Publication:Concrete Products
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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