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Moody Views: sew your way to a beautiful view.

Quilt Designed & Made by Gigi Khalsa

Finished Quilt Size 39" X 48"

Number of Blocks & Finished Size 9 Blocks 13" X 16"


If you don't have a bustling cityscape view when you look out of your window, well, you can make one! With so many lovely printed panels available these days, you can change the view from your attic windows blocks whenever you like! Our modified attic window block is made without a mitered seam; this design will sew up so quickly and easily, you'll want to make one for every mood!

Make sure to cut the panel carefully, keeping track of where each patch is placed in the overall panel design. For best results, cut the panel into 3 strips 13 Vi" wide, parallel to the selvage. Then layer and sub-cut the strips into the D patches needed for the blocks, labeling patch placement if necessary.

The three colors of batiks--gray, green and blue--are in four shades each--pale, light, medium and dark. The coloring of each block is unique. The top row of blocks uses pale shades and light shades. The middle row uses light and medium shades, and the bottom row uses the medium and dark shades. The lighter shade is always on the left of the block, and the darker shade is at the top of the block. Plan your color placement before sewing to make the process easier.


* Pale gray, pale green, pale blue, dark gray, dark green and dark blue batiks 1 fat eighth* each for Blocks

* Light gray, light green, light blue, medium gray, medium green and medium blue batiks 1 fat quarter** each for Blocks

* Panel print*** 1 yd. for Blocks

* Slate batik 1/2 yd. for binding

* Backing 25/8 yds.

* Batting 43" X 52"

*fat eighth = 9" X 20"

**fat quarter = 18" X 20"

***Based on fabric with at least 41" of usable width.


Patches are lettered in order of use. Cut largest patches first. Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances. [??] = cut in half once diagonally

* Pale gray, pale green and pale blue batiks--cut from each: 1 square 37/8" X 37/8" [??] (A) 1 rectangle (C) 31/2" X 131/2"

* Light gray, light green, light blue, medium gray, medium green and medium blue batiks--cut from each: 1 square 37/8" X 37/8" [??] (A) 1 rectangle (B) 31/2" X 101/2" 1 rectangle (C) 31/2" X 131/2"

* Dark gray, dark green and dark blue batiks--cut from each: 1 square 37/8" X 37/8" [??] (A) 1 rectangle (B) 31/2" X 101/2"

* Panel print *9 rectangles (D) 101/2" X 131/2"

* Slate batik 5 strips 21/2" X width of fabric (binding) *Read Plan.


1 Referring to Diagram l-A, sew together pale gray A and light gray A as shown to make unit. Make 9 units total, in color combinations shown in Diagram l-B. One pale and one dark A triangle from each color will be left over.

2 Sew together pale/light gray unit, light gray B, pale gray C and panel print D as shown to make Block (Diagram II). Make 9 total, referring to Assembly Diagram for color combinations.

Panel Planning

Printed panels come in various sizes and proportions, so this pattern as it is may not work for every panel. But it can be adapted to use with any panel by using basic cutting techniques and simple arithmetic.

First decide how many panel patches you'd like in your quilt and what size they will be. Cut the panel into strips of equal height, then sub cut the strips into patches of equal width. For best results, layer the strips before sub cutting to ensure the panel is cut at the same place on all strips.

The B patch attached to the top of the panel patch will be the same width as the panel patch, and the C patch attached to the left of the panel patch will be the same height. These patches can be cut any width you like, but remember to adjust the corner As to fit by adding 7/8" to the finished size. In this pattern, the frames finish at 3" so the B's and C's are cut at 31/2" wide, and the As are cut at 37/8". If you want your block frames to finish at 4", cut the B's and C's at 41/2" wide and the As at 47/8", and so on. Panels can be cut into as many or as few patches as you like, and the frames can be as narrow or as wide as you like, so you may want to try several different versions!

3 Note: Refer to Assembly Diagram for following steps, watching block placement and orientation. Sew 3 rows of 3 blocks each. Stitch rows together.

4 Layer, baste and quilt. Gigi machine quilted straight lines in the batik sections and angled lines resembling rain drops in the panel print sections. Bind with slate batik.

NOTE: Fabrics in the quilt shown are from the Winter Skylines and Bali Batiks collections, both by Hoffman Fabrics. Batting provided by The Warm Company.
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