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AACN Home Theatre: Mastering Sepsis (#190018)

This multimedia audio/video presentation focuses on recent improvements in the understanding and treatment of sepsis and clarification of the triad of disturbances at the cellular level. Past and present treatment of sepsis is presented.

Regular Price: Member $32, Nonmember $40 Super Saver Price: Member $28.80, Nonmember $36

Strategies for Managing Multisystem Disorders (#128641)

This book is comprehensive in scope, providing information on more than 80 disorders and other conditions that can impact them, such as trauma and pneumonia. Emphasis is on treatment and nursing interventions required when a patient is experiencing more than one disorder. Using a consistent format and a highly visual approach, each disorder is described in detail, including information about incidence and risk factors, etiology, pathophysiology and assessment findings. Each description also focuses on collaborative management that emphasizes multidisciplinary care measures.

Regular Price: Member $42.70, Nonmember $44.95 Super Saver Price: Member $37.05, Nonmember $39

Sepsis Series 2006 (#NCE9153106C- CD or #NCE9153106M--MP3)* 2 Audio Programs:

Mastering Sepsis: Identification and Treatment Advances in 2006

Prescribing Antibiotics Effectively in Acute Care

Regular Price: Member $33, Nonmember $33 Super Saver Price: Member $28, Nonmember $28

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Publication:AACN News
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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