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Monthly awards.

Aircrew Safety Awards of Distinction

1Lt Nicholas Caraballo, Maj Michael Cahill--391 EFS, 380 AEW, Al Dhafra AB, UAE (February 2016)

1Lt Sean Gossner, Capt Timothy Anderson--334 FS, 4 FW, Seymour Johnson AFB NC (March 2016)

Lt Col Matthew L. Soria, TSgt John C. Kephart--556 TES, 53 WG, Creech AFB NV (April 2016)

Crew Chief Safety Awards of Dlstlncdon

SrA Blake T. Destasio--380 EAMXS, 380 AEW, Al Dhafra AB, UAE (February 2016)

SrA Tyler E. Bertapelle--380 EAMXS, 380 AEW, AL Dhafra AB, UAE (March 2016)

SSgt Zachary W. Wray--20 AMXS, 20 FW, Shaw AFB SC (April 2016)

Flight Line Safety Awards of Distinction

SSgt Joseph A. Newby, SrA Desmond L. Carwise, Ismaeljuito B. Santiago, A1C Jonathan D. Wasson--4 AMXS, 4 FW,

Seymour Johnson AFB NC (February 2016)

SSgt Tynissha Cromer, SrA Ahsif Safdar, SrA Dominic Urrutia, SrA Seantae Gudger--49 MXS, 49 WG, Holloman AFB

NM (March 2016)

TSgt Douglas A. Seeger--27 AMU, 1 FW, Joint Base Langley-Eustis VA (April 2016)

Ground Safety Awards of Distinction

SSgt Christopher J. Burke--55 FSS, 55 WG, Offutt AFB NE (February 2016)

Capt Rebecca M. Larson, Capt Woodruff B. Johnson, SrA Kellie M. Bryon, SrA Brandon T. McBroom--336 FS, 4 FW,

Seymour Johnson AFB NC (March 2016)

MSgt Michael C. Piper, TSgt Kevin L. Riggleman, TSgt David W. Cook--455 EMXG, 455 AEW, Bagram AB, Afghanistan

(April 2016)

Pilot Safety Awards of Distinction

Capt Michael R. Shaw--79 FS, 20 FW, Shaw AFB SC (February 2016)

Capt Harrison Garlick--433 WPS, 57 WG, Nellis AFB NV (March 2016)

Capt Troy E. Masserant--55 EFS, 407 AEG, MUWAFFAQ Salti AB, Jordan (April 2016)

Unit Safety Awards of Distinction

6th Reconnaissance Squadron--49 WG, Holloman AFB NM (February 2016)

9th Munitions Squadron-Munitions Flight--9 RW, Beale AFB CA (March 2016)

27th Aircraft Maintenance Unit--1 FW, Joint Base, Langley-Eustis VA (April 2016)

Weapons Safety Awards of Distinction

SSgt Carlos R. Orantes, Mr. Kevin H. Johnson--355 SFS, 355 FW, Davis-Monthan AFB AZ (February 2016)

SSgt Klayton A. Lowrey--388 EMS, 388 FW, Hill AFB UT (March 2016)

SrA Derrin J. Hurt--332 EMXS, 332 AEW, Diyarbakir AB, Turkey (April 2016)

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