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Montgomery College picks technology partner for new construction: Montgomery College and Dell team up for state-of-art Health Sciences Center.

When Montgomery College (Montgomery County, MD) decided to build a new Health Sciences Center, the goal was to make it a world-class facility and interactive learning environment for students. Since it was a new 98,000 square foot facility construction project, the community integrated technology plans into construction plans at the onset and to outfit the building, they sought a single technology provider that:

* Offered all the desired technologies

* Would allow the college to customize workstations and lecterns to fit their specific requirements

* Could act as a trusted advisor and implement the kind of technology that would truly engage students

The College's search led the school to Dell. The college found that, in addition to providing and installing all of the technological equipment necessary to furnish 20 Intelligent Classrooms[TM] and two auditoriums, Dell also offered the services, training and onsite support they were seeking.

The Intelligent Classrooms were at the heart of the school's decision, however. In the new Health Sciences Center, for example, 20 classrooms (including regular classrooms, nursing labs, computer labs, and seminar rooms) were equipped with Dell[TM] Intelligent Classroom equipment, including:

* Integrated Smart Instructor Workstation (SIWS)

* Multimedia projector

* LCD projector mount

* Audio system (T0A-A506A mixer/amp and 6 each JBL Ceiling speakers)

* Virtual control system with LCD touch panel

* Digital document camera

* DVD/VCR combo unit

Two large auditoriums were also each equipped with the following:

* Integrated Smart Instructor Workstation (SIWS)

* Two Multimedia projectors

* Two LCD projector mounts

* Digital document camera

* Two wall-mounted 60" Plasma screens

* Large-room audio system

In addition, Dell installed and integrated a total of 15 ceiling-mounted TV/DVD/VCR combo units in various labs and student lounges and another four Plasma TVs (each with a network storage player) in nurses' lounges and open areas. After deploying the equipment, Dell

Professional Services remained on-site to provide initial training for department faculty and staff as needed. The training consisted of a formal presentation using the new electronic training tools.

Dell also provided the school with a user-friendly operation and maintenance manual as well as telephone and maintenance support, which includes having a Dell On Site Engineer (a Dell employee) present during business hours.

The new building--the first for the Takoma Park Campus in 25 years--features 22 Intelligent Classrooms equipped by Dell, Inc. with "smart instructor" workstations, six seminar rooms, a computer lab and medical learning center. The Health Sciences Center houses 12 learning labs.

The Health Sciences Center is home to the College's six credit programs in the health sciences, including health information technology, radiological (x-ray) technology, nursing, diagnostic sonography, physical therapy assistant and surgical technology. The College also offers non-credit courses in other health sciences, including diagnostic imaging, gerontology, CPR, first aid and medical billing.
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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