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Montana Black Gold.

Black Gold has established themselves as a leader in innovative technology since their entry to the industry in 1992. These advancements include gang adjustments for windage and elevation (1992), the first composite bow sight (1998) and the first sight guaranteed bright at first/last light--the Dusk devil (2003).


Whether it is a lamp in your house, a dome light in your vehicle or the sun itself--light comes from above! With that in mind, Black Gold designed the Skylight, an innovative new hunting sight with a light gathering fixture mounted atop its pin guard.

The technology has been given the name SkyCoil and employs two separate parts; the first is a clear plastic fixture that houses the end of the pin fibers in a tightly coiled bundle attached to the top of the pin guard. The second part of the system is a clear plastic sheath that houses and protects the fibers between the pins and SkyCoil. Montana Black Gold advertises a 300-percent increase in light gathering efficiency.


A circular full metal pin guard surrounds four, .030-inch Skylight Pins. The round guard has a sighting ring painted in "Extreme White" to aid in peep sight alignment. Sighting in should be a breeze with horizontal/vertical calibrated gang adjustments. A built-in bubble level is also included. Available in black or Multi-Match camo.

Mach4 Trap Door Arrow Rest

Mach4, a new division of Black gold, has introduced the new Mach4 MT (micro tune) arrow rest. Like its predecessor, the Trap Door, the Mach4 MT is an inertia activated fall-away arrow rest. Activation by inertia eliminates the need for strings or cords. In a similar fashion to that of "cocking" a firearm, the Mach4 is locked in the ready-to-shoot position. Upon release, the bow's energy activates the rest and the launcher falls out of the way.

There are two adjustments that affect the performance of the rest's fall away mechanism. The first is a bow poundage adjustment, changed by loosening two hex head screws and turning the brass shaft to the desired location. The Mach4 comes from the factory set for bows with draw weights between 50 and 80 pounds. If your bow is below 50, the bow poundage adjustment indicator needs to be turned to the number "1." The second adjustment is for sensitivity. A small screw under the up/down adjustment screw can be turned counterclockwise so the rest will drop quicker, or clockwise causing the arrow to travel further along the rest.

The Delrin launcher is quiet and does away with the need for shrink tubing. A "Deep V" launcher arms permits the bow to be tilted up to 90 degrees without the arrow falling off. The launcher block is attached to a keyed and calibrated stainless steel shaft that allows left/right adjustments to be made independent of vertical adjustments. Vertical adjustments are made via a calibrated vertical dovetail block that lets you easily micro tune for precise up/down location.

Precisely machined 6061-T6 aluminum is used to construct the Mach4, which, along with a cover plate that protects the internal mechanism from weather and abuse is the reason a life-time product warranty can be offered.

The Mach4 MT is advertised to increase arrow speeds up to 10 fps, contains internal dampening bumpers for silent operation and works on low recoil bows.

Dusk Devil 2

Introduced in 2004, the Dusk Devil 2 bow sight from Black Gold is absolutely loaded with features. First to catch your eye will most likely be the full radius edges machined into the 6061-T6 aluminum mounting bar, windage post and pin rails.


The heart of the Dusk Devil 2 is the Straight Away pins. Unlike other configurations these pin fibers do not bend, instead the long axis of the pin is positioned in line with the shooter's eye. Black Gold claims their Straight Away pins are 50-percent brighter than traditional style pins. They back up their claim with the "Shooting Hours" Guarantee, which states, "We guarantee you'll be able to see your pins during legal shooting hours from your tree stand without an external light source."


The scuba-fin shaped pin bodies are near paper thin, 62-percent thinner than most, and are constructed of an ultra durable nylon polymer. An "Arc" machined into both pin-mounting slots works to align all four fibers with the archer's line of sight.

The end of each pin features the Devil's Tail pin point. This three-point fiber enclosure allows you check your bow torque on the microdot pin models. Black Gold also advertises the ability of this feature to provide the shooter with three distinct aiming points.

The Straight Away pin configuration creates the need for a third axis adjustment and riser structure correction on some bows. To correct for various riser styles and shapes, one of the mounting holes is slotted to allow for sight alignment with riser configuration.

Other features include a three-point fiber optic peep sight centering system, "intense white" painted pin guard and the choice between standard (.050-inch) and Micro Dot (.025-inch) pins available in three colors.

Black Gold's pursuit of innovative technology is evident in their products. For more information on Black Gold or Mach4 products contact: Montana Black Gold, Dept. PB, 25-B Shawnee Way, Bozeman, MT 59715; (406) 586-1117;
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