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Readers' Letters: Greens don't have monopoly on saving world; The Scottish Greens like to claim they are the only party pressing for the necessary climate measures "to save the world". While our minds have been focused on tackling Covid, we cannot deny that climate change is arguably the biggest challenge facing government and society. note-0It is vital we develop a policy blueprint which tackles the climate emergency and preserves biodiversity. Scotsman Letters Letter to the editor Mar 17, 2021 1508
Battle against bigness is building Monopolies: FTC singles out Big Pharma. MARCY GORDON AP Business Writer Mar 17, 2021 976
Senate to update 80-year-old Public Service law, dismantle monopolies. Mar 13, 2021 649
Antitrust is back in America. Mar 13, 2021 996
PRESS: China eyes record monopoly fine near USD1 billion for Alibaba. Mar 12, 2021 348
Lower House asked to investigate monopoly of ISPs in communities. Mar 11, 2021 395
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 2, 2021 9687
Islands in the stream: Musicians are in peril, at the mercy of giant monopolies that profit off their work. Dayen, David Mar 1, 2021 7318
The Fitness Monopoly: Equipment manufacturer Rogue Fitness crowds out its rivals. Bateman, Oliver Mar 1, 2021 1957
Why the Free Market Of Afghanistan Needs Anti-monopoly Law? Feb 27, 2021 1024
Silpo-Food Refuses To Acquire Control Over Furshet In Lviv And 5 Other Cities - Antimonopoly Committee. Feb 26, 2021 245
Prohibition against economic monopolies. Feb 25, 2021 4125
Antimonopoly Committee Receives No Application For Permission To Purchase Priamyi TV Channel. Feb 25, 2021 213
Prohibition against economic monopolies. Feb 25, 2021 4092
Azerbaijan talks amount of sanctions imposed on violators of antimonopoly law. Feb 17, 2021 222
Azerbaijani State Service for Antimonopoly Policy talks promising activities for 2021-23. Feb 17, 2021 235
State Antimonopoly Service: Competitive procurement in Azerbaijan grows steadily. Feb 17, 2021 186
eBay Gumtree Sale To Adevinta Raises Monopoly Concerns - UK Regulator. Feb 16, 2021 354
NH Legislature s energy choice: monopolies or markets? Lawmakers need to defend community power law from being gutted. Fromuth, Bart; Herndon, Henry Feb 12, 2021 665
Dark Blues do not have a 'monopoly on pride'. Feb 5, 2021 275
Eddie Jones warns Scotland they 'don't have a monopoly on pride' ahead of Calcutta Cup; "They've come out very clearly and said it's their biggest game of the year. That's a huge expectation for them and maybe, with 15 minutes to go in the game, the expectation is going to get pretty heavy for them". By, Alex Spink Feb 5, 2021 433
England v Scotland: Stuart Hogg cites the win that gives Scots hope at Twickenham - but first 20 minutes will be key; Eddie Jones was up to his old tricks this week. The England coach wondered if the burden of expectation would weigh too heavily on Scottish shoulders at Twickenham. He also pointed out that the Scots do not possess a "monopoly on pride" when it comes to the Calcutta Cup. Graham Bean Feb 5, 2021 1123
Eddie Jones questions whether Scotland will handle the pressure against England; Eddie Jones has warned Scotland they do not posses a "monopoly on pride" and questions whether they will collapse beneath their own expectations in Saturday's historical Calcutta Cup clash. Duncan Bech Feb 4, 2021 617
MoCIIP issues competition protection, monopoly prevention regulations. By: Times News Service Jan 31, 2021 348
Electricity: how to make it affordable? Jan 31, 2021 1170
Break the monopolies! Jan 30, 2021 1077
Antimonopoly Committee Allows Optimal Trade To Acquire DMKD's Property Complex. Jan 28, 2021 277
Siemens Pens Train Upgrade Deal With Germany's Railway Monopoly. Jan 19, 2021 186
US Senator Amy Klobuchar's book on Antitrust to be published by Alfred A Knopf in April 2021. Jan 12, 2021 155
Rivers APC crisis: Nobody has monopoly of violence, Abe's faction warns. Jan 8, 2021 295
Rivers APC crisis: Nobody has monopoly of violence, Abe's faction warns. Jan 7, 2021 375
China steps up pressure on Alibaba with antimonopoly probe Alibaba: Communist leaders aim to reduce financial risk. JOE McDONALD AP Business Writer Dec 25, 2020 734
Anti-monopoly investigation into Alibaba. Dec 24, 2020 496
TOP NEWS: China Begins Anti-Monopoly Probe Into Tech Giant Alibaba. Dec 24, 2020 393
GLOBAL TOP NEWS SUMMARY: China Begins Anti-Monopoly Probe Into Alibaba. Dec 24, 2020 1034
Illinois, other states file lawsuit against Google, seek to join DOJ case The lawsuit claims Google has illegal monopoly over search engines, related advertising. RAYMON TRONCOSO Capitol News Illinois / Report For America Dec 22, 2020 403
Korean firms' RE100 adrift amid KEPCO's power monopoly. Dec 14, 2020 922
California To Bring Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google. Dec 12, 2020 212
Emotional Callum McGregor opens up on Celtic's recent strife and need to play David Turnbull and Ismaila Soro; Celtic supporters seem to have all-too-readily forgotten that they do not have the monopoly on emotional woundings over events at their club. Andrew Smith Dec 12, 2020 1147
Focus: Tech's antitrust woes and money flowing east. Cornelia Meyer Dec 11, 2020 1151
48 states, U.S. say Facebook is too big Lawsuits call tech giant an unlawful monopoly. Tony Romm The Washington Post Dec 10, 2020 1539
48 states, U.S. say Facebook is too big Lawsuits call tech giant an unlawful monopoly Antitrust: Suits allege Facebook bullied Instagram, others. Tony Romm The Washington Post Dec 10, 2020 1539
48 states, U.S. say Facebook is too big Lawsuits call tech giant an unlawful monopoly Antitrust: Lawsuits allege Facebook bullied smaller firms like Instagram. Tony Romm The Washington Post Dec 10, 2020 1539
Monopolies won't solve digital problems in PCK. Dec 8, 2020 286
MPs seek to end grain handling monopoly at Mombasa port. Nov 30, 2020 614
Gary McAllister says Hampden heartache against Celtic can drive Rangers on to League Cup glory this season; At no time in his two-and-a-half years as Rangers manager so far has Steven Gerrard come closer to ending Celtic's monopoly of domestic silverware than at Hampden last December. Stephen Halliday Nov 29, 2020 614
Art reviews: Angus Reid / Jock McFadyen / Helen Flockhart; Angus Reid's paintings at Summerhall provide a timely reminder that representations of physical affection should not be a heterosexual monopoly, while there is much to enjoy at the City Art Centre, where works by Jock McFadyen have been paired with favourites from the gallery's collection of Scottish art. Duncan Macmillan Nov 23, 2020 1322
Ready to implement uniform education system: Shafqat Power distribution monopoly to end from Pakistan: SAPM. Nov 19, 2020 852
Power distribution monopoly to end from Pakistan: SAPM on Power. Nov 19, 2020 235
Monopoly power is less dangerous today. Nov 19, 2020 636
China ups scrutiny of tech giants with draft anti-monopoly rules. Nov 10, 2020 501
Fear of rejection by antimonopoly body pushes PLDT to drop SkyCable bid. Nov 5, 2020 482
Plutocracy: Chronicles of a Global Monopoly. Book review Nov 1, 2020 221
Ending Monopolies. Oct 31, 2020 1360
Classic toys back on Christmas list; Lego, Barbie and Monopoly remain among festive favourites. DAVID BANNER Oct 28, 2020 295
Classic toys back on Christmas list; Lego, Barbie and Monopoly remain among festive favourites. DAVID BANNER Oct 28, 2020 295
Lego, Barbie and Monopoly tipped to be on Christmas 2020 list of top toys; Survey suggests that parents have played with their children more this year as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. By, Caitlin Doherty, PA & Brett Gibbons Oct 28, 2020 337
Lego, Barbie and Monopoly tipped to be on Christmas 2020 list of top toys; Survey suggests that parents have played with their children more this year as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. By, Caitlin Doherty, PA & Brett Gibbons Oct 28, 2020 337
Lego, Barbie and Monopoly tipped to be on Christmas 2020 list of top toys; Survey suggests that parents have played with their children more this year as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. By, Caitlin Doherty, PA & Brett Gibbons Oct 28, 2020 337
Lego, Barbie and Monopoly tipped to be on Christmas 2020 list of top toys; Survey suggests that parents have played with their children more this year as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. By, Caitlin Doherty, PA & Brett Gibbons Oct 28, 2020 337
U.S Files A Lawsuit Against Google. Vedant J. Oct 27, 2020 697
Mian Zahid lauds govt efforts to end monopoly in gas sector. Oct 25, 2020 419
How does Google's monopoly hurt you? Try these searches. Geoffrey A. Fowler The Washington Post Oct 25, 2020 2041
Google's war on all fronts over media, competition and tax. Platt, Spencer Oct 21, 2020 516
US Justice Department launches suit against Google 'monopoly' - NYT. Andrew Rosenbaum Oct 20, 2020 318
Georgia, 10 other states join Justice Department lawsuit against Google. Oct 20, 2020 203
Justice Department, 11 states accuse Google of unlawfully maintaining monopolies. Oct 20, 2020 176
Break Up Big Tech. Oct 16, 2020 497
Thousands back inquiry into Murdoch's media 'monopoly'. Oct 14, 2020 275
More than a quarantine gig: Laboring in the digital market. Oct 13, 2020 1058
Washington's one-two antitrust punch is about to smack Big Tech. Oct 13, 2020 1410
US House lawmakers call for breakups of Big Tech 'monopolies'. Oct 8, 2020 582
US hits PH corruption, human rights violations, business monopolies. Oct 8, 2020 639
Congress's big tech report shows why anti-trust history is so important. Oct 8, 2020 1694
US Lawmakers Slam Big Tech "Monopolies" In New Report. Oct 7, 2020 479
KE monopoly. Natasha Mahboob Ansari - Karachi Oct 3, 2020 508
NEPRA mulls revoking KE's monopoly to allow entry of new players into market. Sep 28, 2020 711
Monopoly of Leadership in Education and Research Institutions criticized. Sep 24, 2020 390
NBC: Much Ado About A Broken Broadcast Monopoly. Sep 23, 2020 1701
K-E monopoly. Sep 23, 2020 371
Transport: Firm moves to break Uber's monopoly in Nigeria. Sep 22, 2020 322
Humane Economies. Roa, Carlos Book review Sep 22, 2020 2600
No monopoly on incompetence; LETTERS. Sep 21, 2020 185
KCCI fully supports modification of KE's License. Sep 19, 2020 677
Site endorses KCCI stand to end K-electric monopoly. Sep 18, 2020 196
Islam questions monopoly on salvation. Sep 18, 2020 1072
Bicameral insertion seen in Bayanihan 2 provision leaving antitrust body helpless vs monopolies. Sep 16, 2020 1179
FTC takes aim at Google's OS monopoly. Sep 10, 2020 661
KCCI demands dissolution of KE's monopoly in power distribution. Sep 9, 2020 489
Korea to tighten reins on Google's monopoly. Sep 9, 2020 743
Un-Creative Destruction: The venture capital funding model drives Big Tech concentration. Lemley, Mark A.; McCreary, Andrew Sep 1, 2020 1930
The Hidden History of Monopolies. Logan, Carl Book review Sep 1, 2020 516
Monopoly over iconic Musang King will lead to collapse of durian production, claim farmers. Aug 26, 2020 594
Retail customers tearing down monopoly in power industry - ERC. Aug 20, 2020 656
The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has no legal right to refuse to satify our joint application with our chinese partners for the equity concentration of Moror Sich JSC, DCH stated. Aug 10, 2020 1097
Chandling: Nigeria must break foreign monopoly to earn N180bn. Aug 5, 2020 634
Global tech giants facing international scrutiny. CM Guest Columnist Aug 5, 2020 1374
FG Unveils Reviewed Broadcasting Code, Hails Antitrust Provision. Aug 4, 2020 581
A recap of the Big Tech antitrust hearing. Arab News Aug 3, 2020 475
Chinese blogger arrested for criticizing China's dairy monopolies. Jul 22, 2020 534
PSP chief reiterates stance to end KEs monopoly. Jul 11, 2020 309
Aspen's UK Watchdog Fine Over Market Monopoly Plan Confirmed. Jul 9, 2020 255
PTI leaders ask Centre to end KEs monopoly. Jul 7, 2020 504
PTI leaders ask Centre to end KEs monopoly. Jul 6, 2020 489
PTI leaders demand end to K-Electric monopoly, scrutiny of meters. Jul 6, 2020 341
PTI protests over loadshedding, demands end to KE monopoly. Jul 6, 2020 1004
PTI leaders ask Centre to end K-Electrics monopoly. Jul 5, 2020 266
Industrialists urge govt to end KE's monopoly. Jul 4, 2020 276
Govt urged to end monopoly of K Electric in power sector. Jul 4, 2020 494
Rada Relieves Terentiev Of Post Of Antimonopoly Committee Chair. Jul 3, 2020 294
Google and Facebook under fire as CMA calls for new rules to break tech monopolies. Jul 2, 2020 474
PSP wants end to KE monopoly over power supply. Jul 1, 2020 311
Nature's Nurture: Humans don't have a monopoly on culture. Larson, Christina Book review Jul 1, 2020 1648
There is no Monopoly Man and COVID-19 is Not a Get out of Jail Free Card. Izadi, Melody Jul 1, 2020 928
KFTC drafts policy to prevent platform monopolies. Jun 29, 2020 569
No one cause has monopoly on justice. Jun 27, 2020 169
PSP urges Centre to end K-Electric's monopoly. Jun 26, 2020 358
No to monopoly in PCV--Solons. Jun 25, 2020 648
'Crush vaccine monopoly in PHL'. Jun 24, 2020 636
Smart Alex is expert at Monopoly. Steve Bates Jun 21, 2020 356
Breaking monopoly in Diaspora remittances with inclusion of BDCs' in payment channels. Jun 19, 2020 1840
PM's wheat import decision will break monopoly: Aleem. Jun 12, 2020 410
Pig monopoly import allegation silly and baseless, minister says. Jun 12, 2020 526
Nobody Has Monopoly Of Violence, Abba Indigenes Tell Police, Arthur Eze. Jun 11, 2020 1210
Racism not American monopoly. Jun 9, 2020 1184
Tesla Founder Elon Musk Calls For Breaking Up Of Amazon "Monopoly". Jun 5, 2020 203
Ukraine Will Receive Monopoly Dictate From Imports From Russia In Case Of Non-Introduction Of Quotas For Imported Fertilizers - FEU. May 29, 2020 686
DONS CHIEF SEES EURO LEAGUES IN 10 YEARS O RS; Cross-border competitions would tackle monopoly of title by Celtic European Leagues among 'aspirations'. SEAN WALLACE CHIEF FOOTBALL WRITER May 26, 2020 783
Nytil masks monopoly wrong, involve SMEs too. May 21, 2020 417
Monopolized. Freedenberg, Harvey May 15, 2020 323
No single party can have monopoly over 18th Amendment. May 14, 2020 201
Import monopolies must be broken up: watchdog. May 11, 2020 424
FASCISM AND MONOPOLY. Crane, Daniel A. May 1, 2020 25218
Patents vs the pandemic. Apr 25, 2020 1113
Monopoly Brewing: Small breweries are being squeezed by conglomerate power. Lott, Jeremy Apr 24, 2020 3124
Patents vs. the Pandemic. Apr 23, 2020 1112
Gov't rejects monopoly stake of ownership for local carrier Angkor Air. Apr 17, 2020 516
NovaliA: We want to end the monopoly with oil price measure. Apr 9, 2020 273
COVID-19 Should Force Rethink of Wisdom of Monopoly State Funds. Ray Lehmann Mar 24, 2020 773
QUARANTOON; Newcastle stars playing Monopoly, Call of Duty, golf and gardening in Switzerland but are told: Don't chance health. SIMON BIRD @SimonBird_ Mar 23, 2020 402
EMERGENCY OF EXPANDING GOVERNMENT: As localities seek to take over ambulance services from private providers, the reasons such services should stay private become apparent. Shaw, C. Mitchell Mar 23, 2020 1877
Batten down the Hatch[es]! Restoring the Patent System's Role within the Pharmaceutical Industry. Screnci, Rocco Mar 22, 2020 12686
Biowarfare - Coronavirus; vaccine monopoly as an end-game. Senator Rehman Malik Mar 18, 2020 1304
Competition watchdog chair Lord Tyrie welcomes law to bring down price of school uniform; EXCLUSIVE The Competition and Markets Authority head Lord Andrew Tyrie has welcomed a new law proposed by Labour MP Mike Amesbury which would help end the effective monopolies some uniform suppliers have and bring down the costs for families. By, Nicola Bartlett Mar 14, 2020 1172
Governors vow to end Kemsa monopoly in June. Mar 11, 2020 461
Sen. Klobuchar introduces measure to deter anticompetitive abuses. Mar 10, 2020 174
PRIVATIZATION OR BUST? Edwards, Chris Mar 1, 2020 3490
Remote Control: A civil rights lawsuit highlights how Comcast's monopoly crushes media diversity. Stoller, Matt Mar 1, 2020 5676
DIY coffins bought online 'not strong enough' to hold bodies and could collapse; EXCLUSIVE: The burial industry has been forced to introduce safety checks as customers try to do funerals on the cheap with undertakers accused of a price-fixing monopoly and 'eye-watering' prices. By, Keith Perry Feb 22, 2020 317
US Health Care's Biggest Problem: AMA Monopolization of the Physician Labor Supply. McCutcheon, Robin S. Feb 21, 2020 10504
BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO; Tom Record explains why regulating big tech is more easily said than done. Tom Record Feb 20, 2020 928
S. Korea president meets 'Parasite' director Bong Joon-ho, vows efforts vs cinema screen monopolies. Feb 20, 2020 374
Nigeria Operates Monopoly Democracy Says Ezekwesili, Utomi. Feb 19, 2020 369
Monopoly of transporters. Feb 15, 2020 341
Conservatives don't have a monopoly on austerity; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Letter to the editor Feb 14, 2020 1146
Anti-monopoly body probes legality of Telecom Egypt's bid for acquisition of Vodafone. MENA Feb 13, 2020 169
Cosy cartel can't ignore this political earthquake; Angry Irish voters destroy two-party monopoly. COMMENT BY PAT FLANAGAN Feb 11, 2020 747
East India's dominance generated huge wealth for investors; STEPHEN GUY journeys into Liverpool's maritime past. STEPHEN GUY Feb 9, 2020 482
Cooperation among anti-monopoly agencies of GCC stressed. ONA Feb 4, 2020 194
Would a Medicare-for-all system lower healthcare costs in the United States? Yoe, Jonathan Feb 1, 2020 692
Monopoly watchdog agency flags SMC deal to buy Holcim for $2B. Jan 31, 2020 614
More reasons for plunder rap seen in electricity 'monopoly'. Jan 30, 2020 603
Lawmaker says Grab to continue monopoly if motorcycle taxis are not allowed to operate. Jan 30, 2020 362
Labour leadership: Keir Starmer vows radical shake-up of constitution to move power from London; Regions could get more control over policies like transport, tax and green industry as the bookies' favourite vows to 'end the monopoly of power in Westminster'. By, Dan Bloom Jan 26, 2020 326
They KO'd the train driver, stole PS2.6m.. then played Monopoly with loot in hideout; CRIMES OF THE 60S THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERS. Jan 23, 2020 1028
Money making monopolies. SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER - Peshawar Jan 22, 2020 332
14 things we overheard during a visit to Liverpool's Primark store; "Shopping here is just like spending Monopoly money". Catherine Murphy Jan 18, 2020 397
Riga City Council not given up hope to create waste management monopoly - Abrama. Jan 9, 2020 391
Delivery service monopoly. Jan 7, 2020 446
Coast politicians fight scepticism over SGR monopoly stand. Jan 5, 2020 793
'There shouldn't be a monopoly': Koko defends endorsement of JoyRide's pilot run bid. Jan 3, 2020 383
The Punishment Monopoly: Tales of My Ancestors, Dispossession, and the Building of the United States. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 128
When Platform Capitalism Meets Petty Capitalism in China: Alibaba and an Integrated Approach to Platformization. Zhang, Lin Jan 1, 2020 8873
Sports review of 2019: Celtic's staggering monopoly out of this world. Dec 28, 2019 966
DOTr TWG on motorbike taxis fires back at Angkas, hits emotional blackmail, monopoly bid. Dec 24, 2019 723
DOH review of PCV bidding backed, as monopoly rued. Dec 17, 2019 477
Governors reject Kemsa monopoly ahead of UHC national rollout. Dec 16, 2019 512
Will Delivery Hero overcome antitrust hurdle in Korea? Dec 15, 2019 605
COMESA Praises Sudan for Enacting Competition Law. Dec 12, 2019 174
Competition Regulator Sues Port Operator Over Alleged Misuse Of Market Power. FreightWaves Dec 10, 2019 1327
Qatari laws boost competition, prevent monopoly: QC chairman. Dec 10, 2019 279
Legislations helped boost competition, prevent monopoly, says Qatar Chamber chairman. Dec 9, 2019 276
Dani Garavelli: Neither of the big parties has a monopoly on bigotry. Dec 8, 2019 1136
Elizabeth Warren Wants To Reverse 'Megamergers'. Zaid Jilani Dec 6, 2019 440
Punjab demands end to NICL monopoly. Dec 5, 2019 857
Monopoly Of Transport. Dec 4, 2019 426
'Frozen 2' accused of monopoly, fueling screen-quota controversy. Dec 3, 2019 674
Civic group sues Disney Korea over alleged screen monopoly with 'Frozen 2'. Dec 2, 2019 506
Alternative justice systems can temper State monopoly on law. Dec 2, 2019 716
A New Publishing Platform is Needed. Garber, Bill Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2019 281
BRT to enjoy a monopoly on route. Nov 28, 2019 865
Income declaration 2018: Head of Anti-Monopoly Agency earned 1.2 million soms. Nov 23, 2019 122
Anti-Monopoly Agencies of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan discuss cooperation. Nov 22, 2019 113
Improving Australia's productivity and consumer welfare. Nov 21, 2019 592
Shrewsbury Monopoly games up for grabs. Nov 15, 2019 414
'Monopoly' issue renders Aboitiz bid for Sangley iffy. Nov 11, 2019 297
Monopoly in pharma. S. Baseer - Peshawar Nov 8, 2019 215
Employees of State Anti-Monopoly Agency participate in seminar in Budapest. Nov 6, 2019 109
Group lauds Putrajaya for ending drug-supply monopoly. Nov 1, 2019 466
EEC antimonopoly authorities to meet with Kyrgyz entrepreneurs in Osh. Oct 23, 2019 127
DO NOT PASS GO Facebook cofounder sets up anti-monopoly fund to break up Big Tech. Oct 18, 2019 102
NPG Abandons A Missouri Monopoly Move. Oct 18, 2019 130
Antimonopoly Committee Fines Goldman Investment Fund UAH 500,000 For Purchasing Gaztransit Shares Without Permission. Oct 16, 2019 339
Promoting market competition, reducing monopoly only way to close income gap, study shows. Oct 16, 2019 353
Promoting market competition, reducing monopoly only way to close income gap, study shows. Oct 16, 2019 351
Iran Launches First Private Courier, Ends Gov't Monopoly Over Postal Sector. Oct 15, 2019 215
CMC Workshop Engages Stakeholders on Competition Law and Global Developments. Oct 14, 2019 457
You can buy an entire Wallasey street for the same price as a London flat; If you fancy playing a real life game of Monopoly then now is your chance... Emilia Bona Oct 13, 2019 396
Acquisition of media outlets can create unhealthy monopoly for political purposes, Johor rep says. Oct 13, 2019 694
Apple Faces Antitrust Risk Around Default Apps. Evan Niu Oct 3, 2019 659
Competition Watchdog Growls At World's Biggest Coal Port. FreightWaves Oct 1, 2019 1140
With Labour's plans to scrap private schools, should the state have a monopoly on providing education? DEBATE. Sep 25, 2019 361
A conflict of laws? Sep 25, 2019 844
Unleash the Existing Anti-Monopoly Arsenal: Corporate power can be neutralized if federal agencies simply used the prodigious authority they've been granted. Vaheesan, Sandeep Sep 22, 2019 2671
Monopoly and Its Discontents: Matt Stoller's Goliath seeks to recover and explain the anti-monopoly tradition of the 20th century, at a time when it is urgently needed in the 21st. Berk, Gerald Sep 22, 2019 2179
PUK: We will not accept the monopoly of Erbil by any political party. Sep 19, 2019 158
Tough times for Big Tech amid a growing trust deficit. Sep 18, 2019 544
Indian monopoly in Kathmandu has been hijacked: Shrish S. Rana. Sep 15, 2019 2238
ANTIGUA-MARIJUANA-Government says no to 10 year monopoly. Sep 13, 2019 427
Collect PS200 and go! First space on town's Monopoly revealed. Sep 12, 2019 227
Let's end the airline monopoly over Europe's busiest airport. Sep 12, 2019 678
Uneasy with monopoly's effect on healthcare cost, Putrajaya to study Pharmaniaga contract. Sep 8, 2019 660
Woman finds [pounds sterling]930 in cash hidden in second-hand Carpenters record in charity shop; Hannah Fenwick discovered the wad of money as she was browsing through the shops collections outside the store in Cheshire - and initially believed it was Monopoly money. Sep 7, 2019 708
COMING UP SHORT. Bourne, Ryan Sep 1, 2019 2646
The Doctor Monopoly: Under AMA restrictions on doctor supply, salaries balloon--and patients suffer. Tepper, Jonathan Sep 1, 2019 1901
Markets and Monopoly Mayhem. Askonas, Jonathan Sep 1, 2019 2998
KAREN MARTYRS' DAY: Monopoly concept of the term 'martyr' by NLD-led government? Aug 31, 2019 1168
Anti-monopoly law enforcement gets boost. Aug 31, 2019 482
Latheefa: MACC to investigate plotting and monopoly in govt's project bids. Aug 25, 2019 273
India wants to establish monopoly, snatching land from Kashmiri people: AJK President. Aug 23, 2019 384
BELIZE-ENERGY-Business group condemns moves to establish national gas company. Aug 21, 2019 472
Disservice to commuters. Aug 19, 2019 703
'Walang monopoly ng husay': Robredo remembers Jesse on his death anniversary. Aug 18, 2019 331
BELIZE-ENERGY-Government moving to break monopoly in the importation of butane gas. Aug 17, 2019 560
Will SpaceX Lose Its Monopoly On Reusable Rockets? Aug 16, 2019 735
Kibra, Bomet by-elections, State SGR monopoly, Waititu fights bail terms: Your Breakfast Briefing. Aug 6, 2019 517
Monopoly will not solve SGR problem. Aug 6, 2019 261
Denso: The Korea Fair Trade Commission's Announcement Concerning the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act Related to Certain Automotive Components. Aug 5, 2019 377
'We don't want a monopoly on the word LIVERPOOL'. Aug 3, 2019 550
Quebecor - Bell Media one step closer to becoming a monopoly again - 25/7/2019. Aug 1, 2019 372
Olam And Poultry Monopoly. Jul 24, 2019 786
End Law School monopoly, players say following recent mass failures. Jul 22, 2019 1611
Bus operator faces fury at Inverness public meeting; Transport: Lack of reliability triggers calls for monopoly in city to end. Jul 19, 2019 390
Sidani Bassim not in monopoly. Jul 18, 2019 241
ECA works on amending Competition Protection Law: authority head. Interview Jul 15, 2019 1956
Monopoly is 'very likely' over rural broadband. Jul 12, 2019 186
Analysis: Microsoft's missteps decades ago offer antitrust lessons for tech's Big Four. Jun 30, 2019 1636
Eaton Towers to sell stake to ATC, creates monopoly. Jun 26, 2019 689
The Monopolist's Worst Nightmare: An interview with Elizabeth Warren. Dayen, David Cover story Jun 22, 2019 2053
The End of US Arms Trade Monopoly. Jun 19, 2019 655
First sectoral meeting with automotive sector held. Jun 15, 2019 347
Scholars: Recent Abortion Bills Historically Linked to 'Monopoly of Women's Health Care'. Pennamon, Tiffany Jun 13, 2019 1043
Engage in Learning Launches an E-Learning Course on Competition Law. Jun 13, 2019 636
Our View: CPC more interested in protecting Gesy monopoly than competition. Jun 12, 2019 504
Analysis: Apple, Facebook and Google have lost the monopoly argument. Lionel Laurent Bloomberg Jun 9, 2019 831
Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple is 'not a monopoly,' CBS News reports. Jun 4, 2019 133
House panel chairman announces probe into competition in digital markets. Jun 3, 2019 285
Pancho Villaraza Dondon Bagatsing on San Beda years, vacations at a horse ranch, impeaching 2 Ateneans breaking up monopolies. Jun 1, 2019 1321
Baltimore sues another drugmaker amid high prices. May 20, 2019 518
Achieving Democrat One-party Monopoly. Graham, Elliott Letter to the editor May 20, 2019 178
Monopolies, oligopolies and the state. May 19, 2019 683
End monopoly of 'specific group' in mosques: Fawad Chaudhry. May 11, 2019 281
Fawad calls for ending monopoly of 'specific group' in mosques. May 11, 2019 262
Writing in the time of information monopoly. May 11, 2019 1299
Teen's Monopoly success. May 7, 2019 154
Two CSs in dams scandal, Fertiliser monopoly, Femicide in Kenya: Your breakfast briefing. May 6, 2019 443
How fertiliser business was handed to a monopoly. May 6, 2019 717
Is CAM Under Stealth Attack by the Monopoly Internet Megacompanies? Jaffe, Rick Guest commentary May 1, 2019 416
Medicare for All Myths: The latest Democratic plan could become Obamacare on steroids. Tepper, Jonathan May 1, 2019 3155
ANTITRUST LAWS: EVOLVING TRENDS. Kumar, P. Dileep May 1, 2019 5139
'Avengers: Endgame' rekindles debate over cinema regulations. Apr 27, 2019 658
ODC denounces absence of radical reform to fight speculation and monopoly. Apr 21, 2019 160
Mum boycotts McDonald's after they refuse to give her children free food; The mother-of-three is not the first to complain about the chain's Monopoly promotion. Apr 20, 2019 602
State monopoly in marketing farm produce bad for business- World Bank. Apr 11, 2019 696
New Sh7.5bn LPG firm to end monopoly in Kenya. Apr 9, 2019 444
Girl can't have her free fries in McDonald's Monopoly due to small print; Lynsey Mead said her daughter Amber was upset when staff refused to let her redeem her winning promotional sticker. Apr 4, 2019 537
Elizabeth Warren's big ideas on Big Tech. Apr 3, 2019 944
Meet the New Trustbusters. Cortellessa, Eric Apr 1, 2019 2138
Psychiatrists sue ABPN over its MOC process. Gallegos, Alicia Apr 1, 2019 1362
Monopoly of big three. Mar 29, 2019 218
EU fines Google for anti-trust breach. Mar 20, 2019 590
McDonald's Monopoly is 'danger to public health' and should be DROPPED, MP claims; Tom Watson, deputy Labour leader, has slammed the popular game, and claims that it should be dropped. Mar 18, 2019 257
Bahrain minister slams political monopoly on sports channels for blocking Arabs from watching football. Mar 16, 2019 207
NOT EVEN THE POPE CAN MAINTAIN A MONOPOLY. Postrel, Virginia Mar 15, 2019 1280
Official: Iran Breaks Monopoly of Producing SAC500 Catalyst. Mar 13, 2019 227
AFC abolishes monopoly of beIN SPORTS channels in the Kingdom for the matches and competitions of the Asian continent. Mar 12, 2019 325
Time to break up Facebook, Google and Amazon. Robert Reich Mar 11, 2019 873
Antitrust Violation. Mar 11, 2019 484
Seeding Control: Agricultural monopolies diminish diversity and risk ecological disaster. Olmstead, Gracy Mar 1, 2019 4607
Blocking Siemens-Alstom rail merger was in the EU's public interest. Feb 27, 2019 960
Newmont and Goldcorp Receive South Korea Merger Nod. Feb 27, 2019 887

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