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Monopolar Intranasal Suction Coagulator. (Product Marketplace).

Kirwan Surgical Products, Inc., introduces a product that eliminates the drawbacks of traditional suction coagulators. The Monopolar Intranasal Suction Coagulator's ergonomic shape and unique tip design allow surgeons to work at angles that are nearly parallel to the target tissue, as opposed to the traditional perpendicular. The end of the instrument's suction tube is cut at a 45[degrees] angle, and the edge is beveled to make procedures more comfortable for the surgeon.

The tip of the suction coagulator has two cutouts along the beveled edge that produce a dynamic airflow, creating suction on two planes simultaneously. The superior airflow reduces the potential for clogging and eliminates the need for an aspiration port on the handle. The narrow tip permits precise coagulation of the target tissue with less thermal injury to adjacent structures. Applying the full profile of the tube to the target tissue increases the coagulation coverage for each pass.

The handle is designed with ridges molded into the surface for a sure-grip texture. The lack of a suction port allows the instrument to be rotated 360[degrees]. An indicator at the base of the handle confirms the position of the instrument tip. The dynamic airflow of the larger orifice creates better suction at the tip, reduces the potential for clogging, and makes the instrument easier to clean.

The intranasal suction coagulator is available in a 31/2" (18.9 cm) working length and two French sizes-8 Fr, 10 Fr.

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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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