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Monolayer PET bottles emerge in barrier uses.

The Amosorb DFC oxygen scavenger from BP Chemicals in Naperville, Ill., is now being used in monolayer polyester bottles to build high-barrier properties into juice and beer packaging. Monolayer PET and PEN bottles provide advantages over multi-layer or coated barrier bottles--including simplified production, reduced bottle cost, and perhaps easier recycling. BP's scavenger additive has been adopted by Graham Packaging Co., York, Pa., for its new Monosorb family of single-serve juice bottles and by Bowen & Bowen, a brewer in Belize City, Belize, for several seasonal beers.

Graham's Monosorb bottles are used in 10-oz bottles for apple juice, 7.9-oz sports drinks, and up to 32-oz juice drinks. Graham credits its success to collaboration with BP to customize the Amosorb DFC formulation. The scavenger level can be varied to match the required level of oxygen barrier. Blending of resin and scavenger is done immediately prior to blow molding to minimize depletion of the scavenger's potency. Monosorb bottles are said to be as recyclable and reusable as non-barrier PET bottles.

Bowen & Bowen, which molds its own PET bottles, has developed a 330-cc barrier beer bottle. It uses a naphthalate-modified PET (PETN) resin to provide extra gas and uv barrier, together with 2% Amosorb DFC. Kimex in Mexico City makes the PETN resin and molds the preforms. To limit scavenger depletion, the preforms are packaged in bags in a nitrogen-rich atmosphere. The monolayer bottles reportedly offer a two-month retention of superior taste. BP: (877) 701-2726,
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Title Annotation:Blow Molding
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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