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Monkey love tiger.


THEY'RE breaking all the laws of the jungle...

But two rare white tigers seem to have found an escape claws - after chumming up with a CHIMP. The endangered cubs have been adopted by big softie Anjana after being rescued from their mum when she started being aggressive towards them. Now he has taken them under his wing in a separate enclosure at their US sanctuary in South Carolina.

Their keeper, called China, is amazed by the loving bond the three-week-olds have built up with their two-year-old "foster dad". "They're inseparable," she says. "He's always cuddling them and giving them piggy-back rides.

"He's become a father figure and even helps me feed them." Sadly, Anjana's relationship with the youngsters can't last. Soon they will be too big to be monkeyed around with. It's just a pity they can't all live apey ever after.


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LOVE AT FIRST BITE Looking a picture of happiness; ON ME 'EAD SON Anjana with tiger cub Pictures: BARRY BLAND/BARCROFT MEDIA; SANCTUARY MUCH Keeper China has her hands full with odd trio; PAW THING It's nap time... and "dad" looks worn out after a heavy day; CAT'S MY BOY One of the youngsters is cuddled by Anjana as they relax in the enclosure
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 11, 2008
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