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Monitoring the Average Monthly Downtime with Monitive.

Timisoara, Romania, August 12, 2013 --( What many website owners do not know is that websites experience downtime frequently, and that it is left undetected until it is too late. Site uptime monitoring service provider Monitive has detected that many websites from all over the world have a hidden downtime that website owners are usually unaware of, and that it happens six hours each month. It has been a year since the test has been started, and the data collected is consistent.

In average, websites experience downtime of 6.69 each month. It may seem like it is not a major loss, but when observed properly, one would know how much that time costs. Many website visitors complain about not being able to enter a website they need or want to visit, and it is mostly caused by the undetected downtime. Due to the fact that the website owner knows nothing about it, he can never do anything until it is too late. Not only is it a reason why websites lose visitors, but it is also a reason why website owners lose profit.

Monitive recorded thousands of websites which had problems with downtime in the past year of their operation. It is natural for websites to experience downtime, but excessive downtime is never the case; it is highly disturbing for website owners, and something that they avoid.

Website owners should not be blamed for this, especially as they are not at fault for the failure. There are various causes as to why websites experience downtime, and it is mostly caused by server issues. The next thing for website owners to do then, is to hire an uptime monitoring service provider that would help them make sure that the websites they own do not or lessen their experience of downtime. It is also usual for websites to experience downtime during the night, as the number of visitors increase. The most probable reason is that there are too many visitors, and the server could not handle the number, causing for the downtime.

Present clients of Monitive are satisfied with their services, particularly because they have been met with reports about undetected downtime. This has resulted to customer dissatisfaction and in some cases, loss of profit and lowered search engine ranking. Through Monitive, they have determined the cause, and has been able to correct the problem.

A website experiencing downtime could rank lower than they originally are. This is reason enough for website owners to subscribe to uptime monitoring services like Monitive, especially as this type of business helps in informing website operators when a downtime is detected. When a glitch is detected, Monitive reports it to their client, and help in resolving the downtime. The company does nothing but to detect and inform clients about glitches; you may visit their site at to know more about the features of their services. Monitive could notify the owner of a website through methods like SMS, email, and Twitter, and has various features such as malware monitoring, and minutely monitoring.

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Date:Aug 12, 2013
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