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Money-grabbing Sharpton should be told to take a hike.

Byline: With US Editor Christopher Bucktin

WE all know the type. The kind who, given the slightest whiff of an opportunity to make a quick buck, swoop like vultures.

Our insurances are sky high because of them and none more so than here in the States where ambulance chasers were born.

But one case that has caught the nation's eye is that of Dominique Sharpton - the offspring of the odious Reverend Al Sharpton.

For anyone not familiar with his work, he is the former FBI snitch turned self proclaimed civil rights leader.

Despite seeing himself as a modern day Martin Luther King, many - both in the black and white community - believe he has set back race relations rather than further them.

Building a career on advocacy for the underprivileged he has netted a reported $5m fortune, all while not paying millions in owed taxes. The dollar, it would appear, is the only king in Sharpton's life.

But now Dominique, 28, is trying to match her father's wealth by suing New York for $5m in a lawsuit against the city for "permanent" injuries she claims she suffered from a fall in the street.

Last month, she filed a suit stating she has "internal and external injuries to the whole body, upper and lower limbs... permanent pain and mental anguish".

It also appeared to make her slightly forgetful too. Had she realised social media like Twitter and Instagram are public, she may not be in the position she finds herself today.

Because if she had, her boastful pictures revealing that she had completed a difficult mountain climb while on a hiking vacation in Indonesia or her ability to climb ladders to decorate her Christmas tree - all after her fall - might have made her think twice about her claim.

Clearly Sharpton thought she could join the litigation-lotto line but while fame may have helped her family it may prove yet to be her downfall.

It just goes to show that greedy money making "types" live and breed over here.


ONE of Dominique Sharpton's holiday pictures that she posted on her Instagram ACCOUNT

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 21, 2015
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