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Money could be better spent; FEEDBACK.

SADLY, unlike the Prime Minister, I left school without an A-level in hard sums. His statement last weekend has left me more than confused.

He has said the Conservatives will reward married couples with two or more children with a taxpayers' handout of PS2,400 per year to help them pay for childcare. This will cost the Treasury more than PS1bn every year and will be payable to married couples who may have a joint income of up to PS300,000 per annum.

Could this be the same married couples who have just had all their child benefit removed because they were earning over PS80,000 per annum? If the Chancellor has found PS1bn down the back of the sofa, I can think of better ways to use it than to award married couples who are both working with good salaries a handout of PS60 per week He could have done away with bedroom tax, reduced the cap on the social care bill for the elderly, or paid families who have given up work to care for children so disabled they can't even use childcare. He could have doubled the carer's allowance from PS59 per week - let us remember carers save the state some PS120bn every year yet they continue to get "nothing for something".

The taxpayers' handout for childcare is exactly the same per week that carers receive for providing full-time, 24/7 care for a disabled child or parent. Will he use the removal of the winter fuel allowance, bus pass or TV licence for the elderly to pay for this? We all used to be in it together, did we not? GEORGE Herschel, by email |
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 8, 2013
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