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Money and politics.

You've got to feel bad for Jennifer Horn. Not because she was unanimously elected to a second term as NHGOP chair, but because the RSC soundly turned down a bid to change party bylaws and give JH a chance to make some moolah while on the job. Right now, she gets zero, zip, nada.

Of course, the party has every right to decide whether its chair gets paid or not, and JH didn't seem to show any disappointment about the plan getting shot down.

Nevertheless, it might sting when she looks across the figurative aisle and sees her Dem counterpart, one Raymond Buckley, pulling in the dough since at least '08.

FYI, RB is unopposed for re-elect when the Dems meet on 3/7. It's not clear whether he's due for a raise. After all, the party only lost the Exec Council, House and 1st C.D. back in November.

Maybe a COLA?

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