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Money: Question time - TIM MARTIN.

TIM MARTIN, 44, chairman and founder of pub company J D Wetherspoon, talks to JOIA SHILLINGFORD... DO you like a drink? YES. I liked the pub I drank in so much as a student that I bought it. I hated studying law and the manager of the pub hated running it, so I bought out his lease. WHAT'S your favourite drink? ABBOTT ale and Butcombe bitter. WHAT do you think about 24-hour pub opening plans? IT'S the right thing for the country. We get a lot of tourists and they are baffled to be put out on the street at 11pm. WILL this encourage people to drink to excess? NO, it will stop them binge drinking before 11pm. I don't believe it will increase the overall levels of alcohol sold. WHAT'S your favourite pub? THE Imperial in Exeter. It's near where I live and it's a listed building with a five-acre beer garden. WHAT are you most proud of? A TEAM that's full of ideas. We have broken lots of new ground like introducing all-day menus in pubs. We were also the first to have no smoking areas in all our pubs. WHAT'S the hardest thing you've had to do? CONVINCE the Bank of Scotland to lend me the money to buy my third pub. Eventually, I did, and it was a huge leap forward. WHAT'S your advice for entrepreneurs? BE patient, be persistent, listen, listen again and retain a sense of humour. WHO'S your hero? SAM Walton of Wal-Mart, who built the biggest retailer in the world from scratch, starting in 1962, but stayed a nice man. WHAT would do if you were Tony Blair? PROTECT savings and pensions by staying out of the euro, which the Government doesn't understand and which will leave us with a devalued currency like the German Mark in the 1920s. WHAT'S your perfect holiday? ONE involving long walks along the Cornish coastal paths. WHAT'S your favourite film? SOME Like It Hot starring Marilyn Monroe, because it's funny. I don't like heavy films. WHAT'S your favourite food? THAT'S the hardest question because I like it all. It would have to be Singapore Mee, a dish with noodles and seafood mixed together.
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Title Annotation:Business
Author:Shillingford, Joia
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 16, 2000
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