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Monarch survey reveals passengers would find inflight mobile phone service annoying.


A survey by airline Monarch has revealed that 67% of air passengers would find using a mobile phone during a flight and having to listen to annoying ringtones, one of the most annoying inflight experiences.

The survey of 1548 Monarch passengers was conducted in November last year, with respondents asked to identify the three things most likely to annoy them during a flight.

Respondents said the person sitting behind them knocking their seat would by the most annoying (78%), followed by the person in front of them reclining their seat (69%) and having to sit next to a smelly passenger (53%).

Other annoyances were listed as obnoxious passengers (18%), passengers leaving the toilets in a mess (10%), the music/games of other passengers (3%) and overly chatty or amorous passengers (1% each).

The survey results were released by Monarch just a few days after airline Rynair revealed its plans to introduce a mobile phone service on its flights.

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Date:Sep 5, 2006
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