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MonacoPROFILER Upgrade Offers Expanded Platform Support for Color Management Software.

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ANDOVER, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 28, 2002

Monaco Systems, Inc., a leader in the field of color management, today announced that MonacoPROFILER 4.5 is available. The application is a major upgrade that includes, among other notable features, support for Microsoft Windows 98/2000/ME/XP and upcoming support for Macintosh OS X. Providing support for Windows and Macintosh OS X users further demonstrates Monaco Systems' objective to provide the finest ICC profiling software for the widest range of color management professionals. Monaco Systems will release MonacoPROFILER for OS X in mid-October, 2002.

MonacoPROFILER, the color management solution for professionals, now provides additional expert controls for the most comprehensive profiling system available. With its wizard-like interface, it provides one integrated solution for the ultimate control in creating high quality ICC profiles for input devices, monitors, and color output devices, including printing presses and digital proofing systems.

"With the addition of Microsoft Windows support and Macintosh OS X to come shortly, Monaco Systems proves that we are committed to serving the graphic arts and other color-intensive industries," said George Adam, CEO and founder of Monaco Systems. "This release demonstrates the versatility of our family of products, making us the overall leader in ICC profiling software."

In addition to offering support for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X users, MonacoPROFILER offers a number of enhancements:

--Improved Output Profile Quality--CMYK and multi-channel output profiles give reds, greens, and yellows more shape and detail. Oranges have increased saturation and shape, and RGB output profiles have improved reds. In both cases, users can manipulate lightness, saturation, and individual color curves.

--Editing Output Profiles--Users can change the way color is transformed from the printer's color space into Lab color space. User can also edit output profiles that have changed, e.g., the monitor soft proof and hardcopy drifting from each other.

--Support for the X-Rite Spectrofiler Scanning Spectrophotometer--MonacoPROFILER dynamically generates color-profiling targets that are formatted for the scanning spectrophotometer.

--Support for the Original GretagMacbeth ColorChecker Target--This target is designed for producing high quality digital camera profiles.

--Support for the Reflective Hutchcolor Target--The Hutch Target creates high quality scanner profiles.

--Support for the GretagMacbeth Eye-One UV Spectrophotometer.

--Neutralize Gray Axis Slider--This feature compensates for paper color tints that can affect the overall color balance and profile.

MonacoPROFILER is the industry's most advanced color management software, providing users with ultimate control in creating ICC profiles for digital cameras, scanners, monitors, and printers. Users can select the number of patches to measure (up to 3,000) when building an output profile. MonacoPROFILER can also build device-linked profiles that adjust the gamut of a proofing device into that of an output device for precise color proofing.

After an output profile is constructed, advanced editing options allow users to manipulate the lightness, saturation, and output curves, and make selective color adjustments to a definable range of colors. As output devices drift, MonacoPROFILER's relinearization option permits users to update their profiles without going through the entire measurement process again, sparing time and frustration.

In addition, MonacoPROFILER provides users with advanced options to control the maximum black and total ink, as well as customize the UCR/GCR curves. To learn more about MonacoPROFILER, please visit:

Monaco Systems, Inc. is a leader in enhancing the productivity of color-critical digital environments by assuring accurate color between input and output devices through advanced profiling technology. Monaco Systems is a leader in the prepress, publishing, and digital imaging industries-serving industries such as photography, fine art replication, graphic arts, newspapers, magazines, service bureaus, and other color-intensive industries. Monaco Systems' ICC-profiling products include: MonacoEZcolor, MonacoPROOF, and MonacoPROFILER. OEM customers include: Epson, DuPont, Gerber, Oki Data, Pantone, Polaroid, Xerox, and many others. For more information on Monaco Systems call 978.749.9944 or visit:

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Comment:MonacoPROFILER Upgrade Offers Expanded Platform Support for Color Management Software.
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Date:Aug 28, 2002
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