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Monaco Systems' ICC Profile Technology Licensed by Praxisoft.

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ANDOVER, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 15, 2001

Monaco Systems, Inc., a leading developer of powerful and innovative color compensation and workflow tools for color-critical environments, announced today that Praxisoft, LLC, a leading provider of open device color matching solutions for design, prepress, print, and Internet, will sell and support Monaco System's MonacoPROFILER under the Praxisoft name. The product will be called CompassProfile Pro and will provide all of the advance features of MonacoPROFILER.

Under Monaco Systems' branding program, Praxisoft will be able to resell and support a total solution that will compliment their ICC profiling portfolio. MonacoPROFILER's technology will add a number of new features to their existing product CompassProfile, including:

- Extended feature set for UCR/GCR

- 6-color and Hexachrome profiling

- ICC link profiles

- Selective profiling editing

- Linearization and relinearization output profile controls

- Target selection of up to 2956 patches

Praxisoft extensively evaluated other solutions and selected Monaco Systems' MonacoPROFILER technology because it proved to be the most accurate color-profiling product on the market. Since 1993, Monaco Systems has provided innovative profiling solutions and patent-pending technology.

George Adam, CEO of Monaco Systems, states, "Praxisoft has an excellent reputation as a company that provides a complete color management solution. To round out its powerful color management solution, it requires a product that will serve the higher-end clientele, and we have the technology to help them realize their goal. We value this relationship with Praxisoft a great deal and look forward to working with them in the future."

"Monaco's expertise in ICC profile generation," says Robert Eversole, director of marketing at Praxisoft LLC, "enables Praxisoft to maintain a strong development focus on its core competency, color management workflow technologies, and provide our users with a custom turn-key solution for any digital color environment. The individual strengths of our companies combined to create a `best of breed' solution is what makes this partnership such an exciting opportunity."

About CompassProfile Pro

Monaco Systems' MonacoPROFILER technology allows Praxisoft's CompassProfile Pro to create ICC profiles for monitors, input and output devices. The product allows users to re-linearize their printer and edit output profiles. It interfaces with most standard colorimeters and spectrophotometers. CompassProfile Pro provides an intuitive, wizard-like interface. This product allows users to create ICC Link profiles for accurate device simulation. It provides the most advanced color engine on the market with 6-color profiling and complete black generation control. It also supports Hexachrome device profiling. As well, it offers advanced profile editing, including custom control over saturation, lightness, output curves and selective gamut mapping.

About Monaco Systems, Inc.(TM)

Monaco Systems is a leader in enhancing the productivity of color-critical digital environments through developing, publishing, marketing and distributing innovative color compensation and workflow tools. The company plays an integral role in color management by assuring accurate color between input and output devices through advanced profiling technology. Monaco Systems is a leader in the prepress, publishing and digital imaging industries, serving industries such as photography, fine art replication, graphic arts, newspapers, magazines, service bureaus, and others color-intensive industries. Monaco Systems has developed a complete line of ICC-profiling products: MonacoEZcolor, MonacoPROOF and MonacoPROFILER, each targeted towards a separate segment of the greater imaging industry. OEM customers include Epson, Gerber, Pantone, Polaroid, Xerox and many others. For more information on Monaco Systems call 978.749.9944 or visit

About Praxisoft

Praxisoft, LLC, of Sterling, Virginia, is a leader in open device independent color management software and solutions for design, prepress, print, and Internet. Founded in 1994, Praxisoft offers complete color management solutions for the graphic arts industry from color input to output.

Today, Praxisoft's leading edge software and services address the vast needs of graphic professionals from simple color profiling to professional color management solutions. The suite of Praxisoft ICC/ColorSync-aware tools provides consistent color between input and output devices, ensuring faster color matching, decreased time in editing files, reduced proofing cycles and overall higher quality print jobs. For more information on Praxisoft visit
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Date:Jun 15, 2001
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