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Mon dieu! George blasts evils of Tesco.

Amid all the commotion over planning law, competition tests and local businesses coming under threat, it's easy to forget the real victims of supermarket land-grabbing--columnists for The Guardian.

Sometime road protestor and all-round botherer of corporate excess George Monbiot took to the inter-webs this week to launch a spittle-flecked tirade against the evils of Tesco, which plans a new store ... near where George lives!

In no way making a melodramatic mountain out of a molehill, the normally highly potent Monbiot admitted to feeling "powerless, unstrung as I watch disaster unfolding in slow motion". "If this monster is built," he reasoned, "everything that is special and precious and distinctive about this town falls under its shadow. Testa will suck the marrow out of us." Monbiot concludes that Tesco poses a serious threat to democracy itself--like Communism, perhaps, or those rigged ITV phone-ins with the midget Geordie twins.


Blogof has never seen what the fuss is about. After all, if people didn't want to shop at Tesco, they wouldn't--and their local branch would close.

Besides, local storeowners put out of business can always get work at Tesco.
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Date:Aug 15, 2009
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