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Momentive Unveils New Advances in Additives for Coatings: CoatOSil* MP 200 Silane and CoatOSil DSA 6 Friction Modifier.

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Momentive Performance Materials has introduced CoatOSil* MP 200 silane and CoatOSil DSA 6 friction modifier at the American Coatings Show in Charlotte, N.C. Extending Momentive's 70-year tradition of bringing highly innovative technology solutions to market, these new products can help significantly enhance the characteristics, performance and properties of coatings systems.

CoatOSil MP 200 silane is the latest addition to Momentive's CoatOSil line of silanes for protective coatings. CoatOSil MP 200 silane has broad-based utility and can be considered for use in both solvent and water-based formulations. It can help enhance corrosion resistance and promote the adhesion of epoxy paint by creating a covalent bond linking the paint to a metal surface. In addition to acting as a useful crosslinker in many water- and solvent-based systems, CoatOSil MP 200 silane also offers reduced VOC generation when compared to traditional epoxy silanes.

CoatOSil DSA 6 friction modifier is a silicone-based resin that can be used as an additive to coatings for the improvement of performance as well as provision of a variety of slip and soft touch characteristics. In addition to providing a marked reduction in coefficient of friction when formulated into a properly designed coating system, CoatOSil DSA 6 friction modifier has a lower specific gravity than conventional inorganic fine powders, while still offering excellent heat and chemical resistance.

"CoatOSil MP 200 silane's utility in water-based systems can be a benefit to our customers as they continue to move toward aqueous systems," said Martin Wusik, global marketing director, Coatings Additives, Momentive. "We believe that CoatOSil DSA 6 friction modifier, which is currently used in many coatings that require a smooth, silky feel, also has the potential to offer a number of valuable characteristics in inks."

Other Momentive coatings additives include CoatOSil 1220 and CoatOSil 1221 silicone surfactants, which can help provide improved flow, leveling and wetting. For more information about Momentive's coatings solutions, please call 800.295.2392 in North America (+607.786.8131 everywhere else) or visit

About Momentive Performance Materials

Momentive is a global leader in silicones and advanced materials, with a 70-year heritage of being first to market with performance applications for major industries that support and improve everyday life. The company delivers science-based solutions, by linking custom technology platforms to opportunities for customers. Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is controlled by an affiliate of Apollo Management, L.P. Additional information is available at

*CoatOSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.
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Date:Apr 14, 2010
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