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Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


187 Danbury Road

Wilton, CT 06897 USA

North America: 800.295.2392

Latin America +55.11.4534.9650

Europe, Middle East, Africa and India +

Asia Pacific +81.3.5544.3100


Established in 2006; Momentive was formerly GE Silicones combined with OSi Specialties, GE Bayer Silicones, and GE Toshiba Silicones

Key Personnel

Dr. Jonathan Rich, President and CEO Steve Delarge, CFO Doug Johns, General Counsel Joerg Krueger, GM, Global Operations Ed Stratton, Global HR Leader Eric Thaler, Chief Technology Officer

Company Description

We are the world's second-largest producer of silicones and silicone derivatives and a global leader in the development and manufacture of products derived from quartz and advanced ceramics. Silicones are a multi-functional family of materials, widely used in Personal and Home Care products. The main benefits that silicones offer to formulators are sensory enhancement, softening and conditioning, surface modification and spreading and wetting. These materials are also used as springboards for innovation in hundreds of consumer and industrial applications ranging from car engines to biomedical devices to integrated circuits. Industries served include aerospace, agriculture, appliances, automotive, construction, electronics, furniture and furnishings, healthcare, personal care, plastics, semiconductor, telecommunications, tire, transportation, and lighting.

Technologies, Patents, New Products

Sensory enhancement is one of Momentive's core competencies. In 2007 Momentive expanded its offering by introducing 3 new products to the line of Tospearl ** silicone microspheres:

* Tospearl 1110A microspheres have the largest particle size, for increased softness and lubricity.

* Tospearl 3000A microspheres feature the broadest particle size distribution offering the best price-performance ratio.

* Tospearl 150KA microspheres have a unique spiky surface that can help the delivery of enhanced soft focus benefits in addition to outstanding lubricity.

In 2007, Momentive introduced an exciting innovation in Silwet ** Hydrostable ** superspreading surfactants. These materials are stable at extreme pH values, helping to resolve the major limitation of this technology.

Major Markets

Personal Care: Color cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and body wash

Home Care: Fabric care, hard surface cleaners and polishes, car care, dishwashing and laundry products

Major Products

* Velvesil ** crosspolymer silicone gels

* Silsoft ** dimethicone copolyol silicones

* Silsoft Q and Silsoft Care quat/amino (AB)n copolymers

* Tospearl silicone microspheres

* Softouch ** boron nitrides

* Silwet Hydrostable superspreaders

Specialized Services

* Innovative technologies, extensive formulations expertise and technical knowledge in the application of silicone science to the needs of the personal and home care formulators.

* Design and production of custom products based on customer specifications

Global Capabilities

North America Contact:

Latin America Contact:

Asia Pacific Contact:

European/Middle East/Africa Contact:

NEW For 2008!

In 2008, Momentive Personal Care will maintain its strategic focus on emerging and mature economies with emphasis on innovative, value-added and technologies that offer lower impact on the environment.

** Tospearl, Silwet, Hydrostable, Velvesil, Silsoft, and Softouch are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.
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Date:Feb 1, 2008
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