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Mom's the word at BHS.

Brown Harris Stevens boasts a wealth of successful female brokers with years of experience, and now their daughters are joining the company to learn and work from them, echoing a growing trend throughout the New York City real estate industry.

Sabina Theodore followed mom, Maria into the business when she had trouble finding a job after college.

"Real estate wasn't meant to be a permanent thing for me, but I love it and I don't think I'm going to stop doing it anytime soon," says Sabina.

Mom, Maria has been a real estate broker since 1986, specializing in townhouses, co-ops and condominiums. She said she couldn't be more thrilled to have her daughter working for her and, she noted, "it gives us a lot more time to be with each other."

Vice president Elaine Clayman is one of the top brokers at Brown Harris Stevens. Her daughter Justine Rosenberg, previously assistant manager of global marketing for Calvin Klein Cosmetics, recently became a full-time member of The Elaine Clayman Group.

Clayman saw in her daughter the traits needed to become a successful broker--honesty, strong interpersonal skills, self-motivation and organization--and for years she tried to convince Rosenberg to join her group.

Despite her initial reluctance to work for her mother, Rosenberg says, "I have no regrets, and I couldn't have asked for a better mentor."

Broker Leslie Coleman joined her mother Mary Rutherfurd at Brown Harris Stevens in the spring of 2004, following an eight-year career at Sotheby's and time off to raise her children. "I always thought real estate would interest me, and I was ready to try something new, Coleman explained, and being able to work with her mother only added to the attraction.

"I didn't know she had any interest in working with me as a broker, Rutherfurd said, but as soon as the words were out of her mouth, of course I said yes."
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Title Annotation:daughters of brokers at Brown Harris Stevens joining the company
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Date:May 11, 2005
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