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Molson to test ice beer in U.S. market.

Molson Breweries U.S.A. plans to bring ice beer to U.S. test markets this week.

The company will try to duplicate the success the ice beer category has enjoyed in Canada, where it has seized an estimated 10-percent share of the market.

Molson U.S.A., now a subsidiary of the Miller Brewing Co., will begin test marketing Molson Ice in Atlanta and Michigan.

According to Molson, the brew is held at sub-freezing temperatures to produce ice crystals in the beer. The crystals are then filtered out, producing a beer containing 5.5 percent alcohol by volume (slightly higher than most mainstream U.S. lagers).

A Molson spokesperson said that the higher alcohol content would not be highlighted in advertising, which would focus on the brand's "smoothness and distinctive, full-bodied taste."
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Title Annotation:Molson Breweries USA Inc.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 9, 1993
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