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Molson makes U.S. debut in racing.

This year, Galles-KRACO Racing has a new sponsor--Molson beer and ale. At the recent Indy car race at Long Beach, CA, racing fans saw Molson identification on the cars driven by Al Uncer Jr. and Bobby Rahal.

While Molson is not a newcomer to auto sports in Canada, it will be the brand's first sponsorship effort in the United States.

Molson has established success in sponsoring both the Molson Indy Toronto, and the Molson Indy Vancouver. With this kind of foundation behind it, Molson's new association with Galles-KRACO Racing will increase product and brand awareness in the sport's market.

"It proves to be a promising season for Molson," explained Randy LaCava, sales promotion manager, Molson Breweries USA. "We are expecting at least a 30-percent increase in sales in each race site market, and substantial increase in brand awareness and product sampling nationwide.

"Molson has had terrific success with the Molson Motor Sports Club, the Molson Indy Toronto, and the Molson Indy Vancouver," said Ron Simpson, vice president of sports, Molson Breweries Ltd. "By continuing this promotional and sponsorship theme into the United States, Molson is reinforcing its commitment to the growing sport of auto racing and the fans addicted to the excitement."
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Title Annotation:advertising in auto sports; Molson Breweries USA
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 15, 1991
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