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Molson USA will drop two of four advertising agencies.

Molson USA will drop two of four advertising agencies

Molson Breweries USA announced that it plans to reduce its roster of advertising agencies from four to two. Angotti, Thomas, Hedge and Trahan, Burden & Charles were let go; however, Lintas: New York and AC&R will continue to service their current brands while adding additional brands from the brewery.

Lintas will be responsible for Molson, Steinlager and other Canadian brands including Old Vienna, Calgary and Carling O'Keefe. AC&R, which presently handles Foster's, will be assigned John Courage, Kronenbourg and Kirin.

"This was clearly a tough decision," said Jim Mullahy, vice president of marketing, Molson. "All four of our agencies were significant partners on our business and contributed a great deal to our success. However, the recent merger of Martlett Importer's and Century Importing's marketing departments provided us the catalyst for agency reduction. Maintaining two agencies will allow us to have a tighter focus on the brand portfolios of both of its sales companies.

"A major reason for the choice of Lintas and AC&R is their international ties to our corporate partners," Mullahy added. "This was totally a business decision and in no way reflects an agency performance. All agencies involved performed admirably on our business."
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Title Annotation:Molson Breweries USA
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 18, 1991
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