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Molson Ski Challenge goes to 40 mountains.

Molson Ski Challenge goes to 40 mountains

Now in its fifth season, the Molson Ski Challenge, a unique, one-day ski race that provides everyone from beginner to expert skiers with the thrill of racing, is expanding its schedule this winter--at the demand of ski area operators--to over 40 events at some of the busiest ski areas across America.

Unlike other ski races, the Molson Ski Challenge is a one-of-a-kind event designed to appeal to all levels of skiers, and one anybody can win. Competitors "race" on a unique obstacle course, not to beat the clock, but simply to complete the run. Three men and three women per event, who come closest to a time chosen randomly at an apres-ski party, will be declared the winners and receive valuable prizes, including Elan Carbon Lites skis, Serus ski gloves and Carrera goggles.

Up to 200 competitors will be registered at each mountain for the one-day competition on the morning of the event. Entrants receive a Molson zipper pull, a Molson fanny pack and Chums sunglass straps.

Since its inaugural year, the Molson Ski Challenge has grown steadily to become one of the most eagerly awaited promotions among skiers and ski mountain operators alike.

According to Bill Flynn, marketing and public relations director, Bretton Woods Resort in New Hampshire, the Molson Ski Challenge was one of the highlights of last year's season.

"I feel that the Challenge was the best event held at Bretton Woods last winter," Flynn said. "The advance promotion certainly made a difference as far as the popularity of the race went, and I feel this was a major reason for the large turnout."
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Date:Oct 23, 1989
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