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Molly finally announces: Ty do; SOAP WATCH Best of the box.

EastEnders (BBC1)

Chelsea must be wishing she'd never let Patrick talk her into matchmaking for Denise and Lucas as she now faces the prospect of losing her father all over again if the relationship fails.

Both she and Libby are on tenterhooks when their mum agrees to meet him and it appears their worst fears have been realised when he proposes - and Denise turns him down. However a chat with Zainab makes her realise she may have been a bit hasty.

Stacey throws Danielle out for betraying Sean but finds she needs all the friends she can get when an increasingly fragile Jean announces she wishes she'd never had kids, then vanishes. Homeless Danielle ends up confiding in Ronnie about her pregnancy and is thrilled when the club owner offers her some much-needed support.

Peggy is disgusted to learn a massage parlour has opened, while Jay gives Billy cause for concern by taking a shine to one of the prostitutes.

Emmerdale (ITV1)

Things are looking up for Jimmy and Carl when some of their old contacts appear interested in doing business but it soon becomes clear they might have to sever all ties with the King name if they want to make a go of things.

Marlon agrees to give Donna another chance as long as she agrees to be honest with him and to have nothing more to do with Ross. But she goes behind his back almost immediately and pays a visit to the incarcerated copper.

Witnessing an emotional exchange between Jasmine and Ashley, Donna is left doubting that the journalist has the ability to cover up a huge lie and when she probes deeper she realises Jasmine is holding something back.

Laurel and Ashley prepare to leave the village but their farewell party is interrupted by the arrival of Mark and Natasha Wylde - the new owners of both Home Farm and the church.

River City (BBC1)

It's not every day that a gorgeous young woman arrives at Bob Adams' garage so when one does turn up this week he can hardly believe his luck. What's more, she's a damsel in distress who needs a knight in shining armour - or at last a mechanic who can fix her car.

He clearly does a great job because she returns and arranges a date with the chirpy grease monkey. But is the newcomer, who introduces herself as Jen, really as wonderful as she seems? Nicki thinks she can't possibly be all sweetness and light and her fears are proved correct when Jen reveals she isn't interested in Bob at all - she's in town to gather information about Daniel McKee.

Meanwhile Nathan turns up in Shieldinch to do some work on Versus. He soon makes a favourable impression on Amber, but she's set for a major disappointment because Nathan is far more interested in her brother Rory.

Neighbours (Five)

Loose cannon Nicola completely loses the plot. Recently, she's been faking having amnesia, with only Bridget and Steve realising what she's up to. Now, with Steve in hospital, having been poisoned by his sister-in-law so that her secret will remain safe, Miranda finally works out that her sibling isn't exactly all sweetness and light.

As Nicola resorts to increasingly bizarre behaviour, Miranda finally traps her and realises the nurse is mentally ill but whether her actions will help save Steve's life remains to be seen.

Nicola's bad behaviour has terrible consequences for young Callum, prompting Toadie to make the toughest decision of his life and sparks continue to fly between Elle and Lucas. Ringo tries to get back in Ty's good books by relaunching the band but Rachel worries she's left it too late for anything romantic to develop between her and the musician.

Home And Away (Five)

Everyone in Summer Bay is horrified when Belle is attacked but no one is more surprised than Angelo, who comes under suspicion for the assault. The boy in blue is suspended from work but would he really hurt the girl he loves?

Bridget lies to Alf that her cancer has returned and she needs to get out of town for a while for further treatment but the smitten chap insists she stay with him so he can look after her. Melody's downward spiral continues as she dabbles in drink and backchat.

When she finds herself in over her head, it's Nicole who comes to her rescue. Shame she's not about when Annie goes missing in a storm drain - with bad weather on the way.

Hollyoaks (C4)

Nancy is buoyed when she receives a text from Ravi saying he wants to meet up but she's forced to cancel when a random caller humiliates Sarah on the HCC radio station.

Ravi's convinced he's messed things up with Nancy but with Kris's help the burly bouncer manages to win her heart again.

Meanwhile, Steph and Tom return to the village, only to find that Mobs is shut and Cindy's at home nursing a hangover. It's not long before Steph and Cindy are at each other's throats so Frankie suggests Steph opens a dance school to cheer herself up.

Elsewhere, Amy warns Zoe to stay away from Mike but Zoe's shocked when Mike asks her to move back in with him.

Elliot is uneasy when he walks in on Malachy and Mercedes getting passionate in the living room, and Cindy convinces Steph to come with her to visit Darren in prison.

Coronation Street (ITV1)

Tyrone and Molly finally tie the knot but - as ever in soapland - the wedding does not go smoothly. The loved-up mechanic is arrested on his big day for being involved in Pam's latest dodgy scam, then faints at the altar.

With a honeymoon in Paris pending, Jackie arrives and steals their tickets. Luckily, Pam comes to the rescue.

Steve uses JD as a pawn in his game to get Michelle to leave him but it doesn't work out. JD takes her out for dinner and all goes well until she finds out Steve put him up to it. Liz and Lloyd eventually blurt out the whole story to Michelle, who packs her bags, however it seems Steve has left it too late to make a go of things with Becky.

Fiz tells Julie that John has been writing to her from prison and deep down she still loves him. And despite the fact Peter continues to drink himself silly, Leanne falls for the boozy bookie's charms.


Belle (Jessica Tovey) is victim of attack in Home And Away
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